personalised coke can - personalisation concept

From Coke cans to shoes to menus: What’s behind the rise in personalised products?

- March 11, 2024 4 MIN READ

  Customised shoes, personalised drinks and specialised menu offerings. In a world where carbon copies of products are everywhere, retailers have to make their products stand out and provide customers with a unique purchasing experience writes Marian Makkar, senior lecturer in marketing at RMIT. The need to be different is even greater at a time… Read more »

customer surveillance erodes trust. Image of grocery shop customers being identified by surveillance cctv facial recognition

Do you want your customers’ trust? Stop spying on them

- February 20, 2024 3 MIN READ

  Today, the value of data in and for businesses is no doubt. Data allows retailers – from independent to franchise to national behemoth – to better understand their customers, and improve the experience they offer them, explains Andrew Fraser, Managing Director, APAC at Lightspeed. Because of the value they can derive from it and… Read more »

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How to strike the right balance between personalisation and privacy

- April 20, 2022 2 MIN READ

If the majority of consumers prefer brands that offer personalisation, can privacy and personalisation co-exist? James Smith, CEO of Smith Brothers Media, shares some top advice for all business owners about the privacy-personalisation paradox. Consumers of today have come to expect the personal touch when interacting with brands. Personalisation has become a business essential; from… Read more »


Making it personal is the marketing secret to attracting customers

- December 23, 2019 2 MIN READ

While online business is on the rise and many retail stores have felt the shift, their ability to create an experience that speaks to all the senses gives retailers a valuable edge over their online competitors. Through in-store brand activations and personalisation, retail stores can add another dimension to the consumer experience to ensure there… Read more »


Understanding the ‘ideal customer’ still a problem for businesses

- November 28, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

A survey has found businesses are still struggling to understand who their ideal customer is despite access to unprecedented amounts of data on customer behaviour. According to the Getting Customer Data Management Right study commissioned by Oracle, businesses and brands are failing to recognise the importance of customer profiles and are challenged when it comes… Read more »


4 tips to keep your small business on trend in 2019

- January 29, 2019 2 MIN READ

Right now, we’re comfortably making headway into a brand-new year, but the question is, is your business really prepared for 2019? Whether it’s evolving technology or changing consumer expectations it’s a fast-paced and highly competitive environment out there so, the beginning of the year marks a perfect time to get ahead of the game. Here… Read more »


Improve your brand engagement with a personalised customer experience

- November 1, 2018 2 MIN READ

Small businesses that embrace a more connected customer experience score big when it comes to brand value, customer loyalty and repeat business. If your small business is still taking a mass-marketing approach to your customer communications, chances are you are missing valuable opportunities to grow customer loyalty and appreciation for your brand. Salesforce’s 2018 State… Read more »