Diverse group of business people having a networking meetup
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How to fall in love with networking: 5 entrepreneurs share their tips for growth

- May 3, 2024 6 MIN READ

  Success isn’t just what you know, but often who you know. In business, a single great connection could change the entire trajectory of your growth, writes Anthony Lam Entrepreneurs’ Organization Melbourne Board Member Networking is a cornerstone of building and growing a thriving businesses, yet for many entrepreneurs, the mere thought of networking can… Read more »

How to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur
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When to go it alone? How to take the leap from employee to entrepreneur

- August 15, 2022 5 MIN READ

The decision to jump from employee to entrepreneur is rarely easy, says Costa Vasili, Entrepreneurs’ Organization Melbourne Communications chair, and CEO of Ethnolink, but if you start small, get support and shift your mindset it’s far less daunting. Entrepreneurship in Australia has been growing over the past decade, with the pandemic and disruption to countless industries resulting… Read more »


Why your business needs an online profile

- March 20, 2018 3 MIN READ

Just a decade ago, when your mobile phone was little more than a brick in your pocket and driverless vehicles were wishful thinking, networking at business events was very important. In fact, if you didn’t go to them, your name and business were invisible to your local business community. Nowadays, with the business landscape moving… Read more »

How I mastered my elevator pitch | Kochie's Business Builders
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How I mastered my elevator pitch

- November 23, 2017 3 MIN READ

Everybody in business has a pitch. Whilst many pitches are refined by trial and error over time and serve their purpose well enough, I have my own ideas about elevator pitches. Maybe it is because, even after many years as an entrepreneur, I find that the hard sell is not where I am comfortable. I… Read more »

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How to build success in regional Australia

- October 12, 2017 4 MIN READ

The majority of us grow up being indoctrinated into the belief that strong economic opportunities only exist in the city, and the idea of a sea change (or tree change) is reserved solely for retirees, hemp-wearing hippies, or mysterious tech billionaires. Yet we are seeing more and more examples of savvy, innovative change-makers ditching the… Read more »