Bricks & Clicks: Meet the Businesses, My Little Dream Co.

- July 10, 2019 2 MIN READ

Self-described ‘people person’ Sue McCormack founded her business My Little Dream Co after a series of unfortunate events forced her to re-evaluate her life. “I lost my house, a marriage and then the day that my house actually settled, my father had a heart attack and passed away.” Suddenly a single mother with limited prospects,… Read more »


Bricks & Clicks: Meet the Businesses

- February 15, 2019 7 MIN READ

The sprint weekends are underway and filming has commenced on our docuseries, Bricks & Clicks. The series charts the journey of six traditional retailers as they transition from brick and mortar outlets to global e-commerce brands. The six businesses are already reaping the benefits of their participation in the project, below we share a sneak… Read more »