From Gen Z to Gen X, the future of work is already here

- November 16, 2019 4 MIN READ

Earlier this year Deloitte released their annual global millennial survey which canvassed the views of over 13,000 Gen Y and 4000 Gen Z from around the globe. Unsurprisingly, the study revealed a lack of trust for big business and uncertainty of the future. Alongside this increased pessimism was a rise in the number of millennials… Read more »


Are leadership skills to blame for business failure?

- October 23, 2019 2 MIN READ

Brad Sherringham Managing Director of the newly formed Global Governance Initiative suggests recent widespread business failures in Australia and New Zealand has highlighted skills gaps within our business leaders. According to Sherrington, more than 90 per cent of business leaders in Australia and New Zealand are untrained in corporate governance, meaning they often lack the knowledge… Read more »


4 steps to effectively manage large teams

- August 20, 2019 3 MIN READ

Successful business owners aren’t automatically great team managers however, as the business grows, the importance of managing teams grows along with it. Regardless of how well the business is otherwise run, if a business owner can’t attract and retain top talent, it will be difficult to continue to grow in the long term, writes Andrew… Read more »


Why personal growth is important for small business growth

- August 16, 2019 3 MIN READ

If you are a small business owner, you’re probably so focused on day-to-day tasks, that you forget about focusing on yourself. It’s hard, sometimes, to think about personal growth in an environment that’s constantly forcing your attention elsewhere. Business owners are relied upon to keep customers and employees happy while also handling admin responsibilities. It’s… Read more »


5 key attributes of a great boss

- July 1, 2019 3 MIN READ

In order to be a successful entrepreneur and business owner, it is vitally important to cultivate strong leadership skills that will nurture the growth of both your company and your team. Here are five key traits of effective leadership that can help lay the groundwork for future success. Setting a clear example First of all,… Read more »


Neuroscience and leadership: Are leaders born, or made?

- October 24, 2018 2 MIN READ

Social scientist, leadership expert and award-winning filmmaker, Silvia Damiano has spent the past two decades pondering the question: is a good leader made or born? Her quest for answers has seen her delve into neuroscience to uncover the links that form the habits of great leaders. In 2009 Damiano formed the ‘About my Brain Institute’,… Read more »


SEEK study finds gender leadership gap still an issue

- March 8, 2018 2 MIN READ

Despite close to 50 per cent of women expressing interest in becoming leaders in their chosen field, a new study commissioned by SEEK, released to coincide with International Women’s Day, has found gender parity in leadership roles is still a big issue in Australian business. 65 percent of the participants surveyed said they would like… Read more »

5 ways to improve the employee experience by Ush Danek

5 ways to improve the employee experience

- January 17, 2018 4 MIN READ

HR Expert, Ushma Dhanak, shares her top tips to generate employee satisfaction Improving the ‘customer experience’ has become a buzz phrase in business. From ecommerce stores to any retail or other service-oriented business, the phrase neatly sums up the need to focus on personal user experiences in all customer interactions. It’s seen as the key… Read more »

8 ways to become a better boss
Business Basics

8 ways to become a better boss

- January 9, 2018 3 MIN READ

When you run your own business and you employ staff much of your success can hinge on your staff. How well you have trained them, how you treat them and how you lead them will all have big impacts on your bottom line. Follow these tips and you can become a better boss and build… Read more »


How to be a better employer

- September 13, 2017 4 MIN READ

If you’re running a small business, you’re probably still learning what it means to be an employer. Keep on assigning tasks to your employees, and they will never develop leadership skills that are necessary for the growth of your company. It’s possible to train particular skills in your employees and help them learn how to be a… Read more »


How to be a successful leader in your small business

- April 20, 2017 3 MIN READ

Quite a few words come to mind when you think of an entrepreneur or someone working in small business. Successful, dynamic, ability to take risks, and many more. Unfortunately, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, six out of ten entrepreneurs who start businesses in Australia crash and burn within the first three years. So,… Read more »