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7 admin tips that will save you time (and reduce business stress!)

- February 15, 2022 4 MIN READ

Effective administration is the bedrock of any small business. When done well, administrative processes allow a business to operate smoothly and efficiently, maximising productivity and improving profit margins. Here are seven essential tips for successful business administration, which will reduce stress and free up lots of much-needed time! 1. Understand your team If you are… Read more »


10 of the best: Australian florists

- October 1, 2020 4 MIN READ

If you love flowers and let’s face it, who doesn’t? Then its time to throw your support behind our local florist industry. While there are 1000s of awesome boutique florists around Australia here’s 10 of our faves. 10 awesome florists from around Australia Fleurieu Gifts, South Australia South Australian-based Fleurieu Gifts is a family-run small business… Read more »


9 awesome healthy cafes

- September 30, 2020 4 MIN READ

These nine cafe’s prove healthy eating can not only be good for you but it can taste great too. Looking for a healthy option when you dine out? Try these cafes Sprout Wholefood, NSW Sprout Wholefood is a Sydney-based health conscious cafe which provides a wholefood menu that embodies three essential characteristics: it has to… Read more »


9 marketing tips that will improve your small business

- September 16, 2020 5 MIN READ

Updated 16 September 2020. Effective marketing is a key growth driver in your small business. If you think you don’t have to understand marketing – think again. Everyone in your small business is responsible for marketing – from the receptionist to those in the accounts department. If you don’t buy in to that principle, be… Read more »


10 awesome Aussie florists to check out this Valentine’s Day

- February 13, 2020 4 MIN READ

With Valentine’s Day just a sleep away, we thought we would shine a spotlight on 10 of the best independent Aussie boutique florists. These 10 incredible businesses from around Australia offer gorgeous floral creations. However, we know there are thousands of other amazing boutique florists out there so if you would like the chance for… Read more »


Kochie’s Business Builder and American Express competition terms and conditions

- January 1, 2020 6 MIN READ

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF ENTRY By submitting a digital entry and entering the ‘KBB and American Express’ online competition, you agree to the following terms and conditions: Competition description Kochie’s Business Builders and American Express are the promoters of this online competition. The competition invites small business owners to submit a digital entry using the… Read more »


Watch: Episode 9 of Kochie’s Business Builders Season 12

- June 3, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

Has your small business gotten big enough to franchise? In this week’s episode of Kochie’s Business Builders we help noodle king, Ankur Sehgal, get the lowdown  on the next steps to take his business venture nationwide. Plus we discover how a beauty product is making good on a reduce-reuse promise and the co-founder of work-boot… Read more »


Watch Episode 7 of Kochie’s Business Builders season 12

- May 19, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

In this episode of Kochie’s Business Builders we meet up with a business suffering from growing pains, discover the secrets of success from the ‘world’s best boss’ and meet the founder of a coconut water that is now all the craze. Karen Miles is the founder of a French-inspired homewares’ line, French Consul. The designer’s… Read more »


Watch: Kochies’s Business Builders Season 12 Episode 1

- April 7, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

In this week’s episode of Kochie’s Business Builders, the founders of Manly Spirits get the low down on how to expand their business overseas from expert Cynthia Dearin. Dearin delivers her tips and tricks on how to really make the most of overseas’ opportunities. Entrepreneur in the Spotlight Peter Haselhurst from Milky Lane explains the… Read more »