Overwhelmed man at desk

High value vs low value tasks: 5 smart steps to maximise your productivity

- May 16, 2022 3 MIN READ

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the long list of tasks on your plate as a business owner? Focusing your energy on maximising your productivity, rather than endless busywork, is the place to start, writes bestselling author and founder of Time Stylers, Kate Christie. High performers and high performing teams gain their reputation by consistently delivering… Read more »

Stressed looking woman surrounded by colourful post-it notes

5 ways you can bust busyness for good

- June 21, 2021 3 MIN READ

“I’m Busy”. “You must be so Busy?” “How Busy is it right now?” Do we even think before we say these frequently spoken words? When did busy become a thing, a throwaway line, a badge of honour, a suit of armour, our identity or even some conscious or unconscious form of protection? With terms such as,… Read more »