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10 entrepreneurs share their number one hiring hack

- June 27, 2023 7 MIN READ

  As the post-COVID talent shortage continues, Australia’s unemployment rate has hit the lowest point in fifty years (3.4 per cent). Competition for top talent and the skilled worker shortage is affecting business growth, write Elise Hendriksen. Employers need to ensure the best talent is attracted and retained, so we asked ten business owners for… Read more »

Newly hired employee shaking hands with interviewer

Hiring gone wrong: Here’s how to make it right!

- May 17, 2023 4 MIN READ

  The search for talent has become a hen’s teeth exercise. The process is exhausting and costly. Is it any wonder our hopes run high when presented with a sliver of skills and a thimble of talent? asks recruitment expert Roxanne Calder, founder of EST10. Our mind’s cry is, ‘yes, that can work!’. The exhilaration… Read more »


Culture fit, hiring and the new resumé-free workplace

- March 5, 2020 4 MIN READ

If culture fit is considered one of the most important aspects when hiring a new team member, why do managers still rely only on resumes to identify candidates in the initial shortlist? asks Rudy Crous, CEO and co-founder of Shortlyster, an intelligent hiring platform. With the rise of smart technology combined with the power of… Read more »