Equity fundraising legislation a gamechanger for startups & small business

- September 12, 2018 < 1 MIN READ

Funding opportunities for small businesses and startups have just got a whole lot bigger thanks to new legislation surrounding equity fundraising for proprietary limited companies. The legislation, which passed the House of Representatives today, will extend crowdfunding opportunities to proprietary companies. Crowd sourced funding (CSF) has become a popular form of funding amongst entrepreneurs. The… Read more »


MANRAGS takes on the local and global subscription market

- August 9, 2018 2 MIN READ

As more and more Australians turn to online retail for all forms of shopping, husband and wife team Michael and Tina Elias are tackling the men’s socks and underwear market with subscription service, MANRAGS. Capitalising on the growing Aussie demand for subscription services, the couple launched MANRAGS three years ago and have seen it grow sales… Read more »