Disrupting industries “like a girl”

- March 7, 2018 3 MIN READ

Business mentor Smriti Goswami tackles the issue of lack of female entrepreneurs in male-dominated industries Smriti Goswami has never let “being a girl” hold her back from chasing her dreams. From a Navy Diving Course, to a commercial pilots’ licence and adventure-sport excellence, Smriti has excelled in many traditionally male-dominated arenas. Now Smriti, a life… Read more »


10 tips on introducing a product to the market

- November 8, 2017 4 MIN READ

You have a game-changing invention that you want to launch – with a bit of careful planning, collaboration and determination, your stroke of genius could be up and running before you know it. Here are 10 tips to successfully bring your product to the market. Love what you’re doing It’s easier if you believe in… Read more »

Business Basics

“What makes me really angry!”

- July 28, 2017 5 MIN READ

It’s not stuffing up your branding or missing out on the world’s best domain name, the biggest mistake you can make is simply not starting at all. I have to be honest: there is one thing in life that makes my blood absolutely, unequivocally, undeniably boil. And I am also afraid to admit that I… Read more »

Business Basics

Michelle Bridges on her family business

- May 31, 2017 3 MIN READ

Known for her appearance on The Biggest Loser as the ‘straight-talking’ trainer, Michelle Bridges, 46, is Australia’s most prominent fitness trainer who has a son Axel with partner and fellow Biggest Loser trainer, Steve ‘Commando’ Willis. She has thousands of clients who have achieved incredible weight loss results. With fifteen books behind her, Michelle’s online small business 12… Read more »


“I started my business with $100”

- April 21, 2017 3 MIN READ

Ten years ago, Monique Milenkovic was working as a HR Manager and never dreamed she would be running a budding cupcake empire. With the likes of Fifi Box, Danni Minogue and Chrissy Swan obsessed with her cupcakes, Monique went on to found one of Melbourne’s top destinations for cupcakes. Monique started The Cupcake Queens in… Read more »


Fun facts: What is an entrepreneur?

- March 28, 2017 3 MIN READ

George W. Bush apparently once said, “The problem with the French is that they don’t have a word for Entrepreneur.” Here are 10 fun facts you probably didn’t know about the term ‘entrepreneur’. Where does it come from? Entrepreneur is a French word coined by the economist Jean-Baptiste Say. It’s origin is from the French… Read more »