A super strategy for self-employed entrepreneurs

A super strategy for self-employed entrepreneurs

- September 5, 2022 3 MIN READ

You don’t have to make contributions to your superannuation when you’re self-employed. But if you don’t have a sensible super strategy, you’re probably not going to love retirement. Firstly, congratulations. Taking control of your life by working for yourself is commendable. I salute you, because I know it’s not the easiest of paths to take.… Read more »


Two young mums tackle the $17 billion baby carrier industry

- March 18, 2022 3 MIN READ

Founders of Sia baby, Alexandra Caisey and Chantelle Lewis, are the latest challengers for the $17 billion baby carrier industry. With their new brand, the two young mums tackle one of parents’ most significant decisions when purchasing baby carriers: fashionable or practical. The future of baby carriers Sia baby aspires to challenge parents’ expectations for… Read more »

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10 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make and how to sidestep them

- April 13, 2021 6 MIN READ

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics more than 60 per cent of small businesses in Australia close within the first three years, which is often the result of common mistakes made along the way, writes Damian Blumenkranc, a serial entrepreneur and the communications chair at  Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) Melbourne. Often the perks of entrepreneurship… Read more »

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5 huge entrepreneur myths (and how to bust them)

- March 29, 2021 6 MIN READ

Entrepreneurs are the rocks stars of our time. Wherever you look you see them splashing about in all their entrepreneurial glory. They take every opportunity to tell us: How they started with nothing and built an empire. How they’re living the four-hour work-week dream. How they succeeded in business by taking risk, dreaming big and… Read more »

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Why giving back is at the heart of Francesca jewellery

- November 13, 2020 3 MIN READ

The fight against human trafficking and Breast Cancer are just two of the causes that sisters Hannah & Rachel Vasicek’s jewellery brand Francesca have thrown their support behind since launching their designer jewellery business in 2013. Since releasing their ‘Awareness Bracelet’ range four years ago, the dynamic duo has donated over half a million dollars… Read more »

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9 Indigenous entrepreneurs kicking goals!

- November 12, 2020 5 MIN READ

NAIDOC Week celebrations are held annually to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of First Nations people in Australia. Dean Foley Founder & CEO of indigenous accelerator program Barayamal shares his take on entrepreneurship in the Indigenous community and highlights up and coming entrepreneurs. Aboriginal and Torres Strait people have the oldest culture in the… Read more »


How ingenuity in adversity made these brothers millions

- October 11, 2019 3 MIN READ

When brothers Zane and Omar Sabre’s father was diagnosed with leukaemia the pair were faced with a dire situation – how could they come up with the money to pay for treatments, and ensure Zane could continue his university education? When their father’s diagnosis was made, Zane was in Australia in his third year of… Read more »