employee development and learning

Want to retain the best staff? Then keep them learning

- February 17, 2023 3 MIN READ

  Finding and retaining the right staff has always been challenging, but in recent years, many businesses have struggled with finding any staff, leaving them fumbling to stay afloat. The answer to this problem lies in supporting and developing the employees you have, writes Tony Maguire, Regional Director, ANZ at D2L. Without a doubt, people… Read more »

Group of young professionals lined up for job interview

5 future of work trends you need to know

- February 14, 2023 4 MIN READ

  As we enter the third year since COVID-19 came into existence, the virus has proven to have a lasting impact on the future of work, writes Aaron McEwan, VP, Research & Advisory at Gartner. In 2023, organisations face historic challenges: a competitive talent landscape, an exhausted workforce, and pressure to control costs. In this environment, it’s… Read more »

Jen Manuel and Kate Downing, job-sharing

How job-sharing could bring huge value to your business

- February 3, 2023 5 MIN READ

  When considering a step back from the full-time daily grind, most people go straight to the obvious options: part-time or casual employment, freelance work, or starting their own business. However, an often-overlooked alternative to full-time employment is job-sharing. Jen Manuel and Kate Downing are two senior marketers who commenced their first job-sharing arrangement when… Read more »

Two teddy bears hugging

Compassion – the new business trend for 2023

- January 18, 2023 3 MIN READ

  Do you want your organisation to be a place that people want to come to work in and which clients love doing business with? Then, you need to have a think about compassion. Compassion in business can work miracles when it comes to energising everyone around you, writes Dr Olivia Ong. What is compassion?… Read more »

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Five steps to try now to motivate your staff

- November 28, 2022 3 MIN READ

The more motivated your team, the more productive they are. Every person’s motivation is different. For some, incentive-based motivation works best; for others, it’s acknowledgement; and for some people, it’s connection and community, writes workplace wellbeing expert, Chelsea Pottenger. As a manager, supervisor or business owner, it is in your best interest to understand each… Read more »

Magnet pulling one staff member out of lineup

Do you have a staff poaching problem? Fix it now

- November 18, 2022 5 MIN READ

COVID-19 lockdowns pushed many to the brink but the newest challenge of severe staff shortages and poaching has left many small business owners feeling desperate, writes Geoff Cooper, SME Chairman at the CEO Institute. From offering salary increases of upwards of $30k to creating roles with more money and less work, big organisations are leaving… Read more »

happy, diverse team working together at desk
Business Advice

Nine questions that should be in every employee engagement survey

- October 11, 2022 2 MIN READ

Is your team really as engaged, productive and effective as they could be? An employee engagement survey can help you find out, but only if you ask the right questions. According to Neal Woolrich, HR Advisory Group Director with Gartner, here are nine questions every employee engagement survey should include. Business, geopolitical and economic disruptions… Read more »