data predictions

How data driven decisions help your business thrive

- June 10, 2021 4 MIN READ

As we close this unpredictable and unusual 2020 financial year, many organisations are rethinking how they shape their strategies for the next financial year, and data has a big role to play writes Dunya Lindsey, COO/CXO Wiise. What makes this particularly challenging is how the pandemic has rewritten the rules.  Whether demand soared, businesses are… Read more »


How to build business resilience

- May 18, 2020 4 MIN READ

Australian businesses are facing one of the most challenging times in the last century and one many didn’t see coming. Following a long and devastating bushfire season earlier in the year, businesses are now having to adapt to the realities of a global pandemic. This not only means short-term business priorities have been turned on… Read more »