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Top customer peeves when contacting Aussie businesses and what you can do to fix them

- October 1, 2021 3 MIN READ

With shops shuttered, call centre staff working remotely and employees furloughed, businesses have had to rethink how to create a positive customer experience and what this looks like in the COVID-19 era, and beyond, writes Philipp Heltewig, CEO and Co-founder at Cognigy. Research from McKinsey shows that during times of crisis, a customer’s interaction with… Read more »


3 easy steps to create the best eCommerce experience

- August 22, 2021 3 MIN READ

Long before COVID-19, eCommerce was on the rise. Rapid advances in technology have meant that buying online is easier than ever before. And many Australians now turn to their mobile as their preferred way of shopping. reports Shayne Tilley, Head of Marketing at 99designs. How to create an eCommerce experience that will stand the test… Read more »

merge customer and employee experience for greater satisfaction

Why connecting customer and employee experience can bring you success

- July 27, 2021 3 MIN READ

Customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) have traditionally been looked at as two separate, but essential functions of a business, but should they be? asks Sreelesh Pillai, Freshworks General Manager of Australia. According to the Harvard Business Review, when CX and EX are managed together, they create a unique, sustainable competitive advantage. Understanding the… Read more »


How to master customer experience in a contactless world

- September 9, 2020 4 MIN READ

Consumer expectations change constantly and as new technologies become ingrained in the way we live and work, our interaction with businesses changes too. For example, it wasn’t long ago that ‘tap and go’ payments were uncharted territory. In 2019 four out of every five  payments were contactless writes Jason Toshack, General Manager ANZ at Oracle… Read more »

customer loyalty

Three ways business owners can build and maintain customer loyalty

- August 19, 2020 3 MIN READ

Many early eCommerce sceptics believed that online shopping would have limited appeal, as there was no way to replicate the level of personalised customer service offered by an in-store sales assistant, and for many high-touch businesses this may still be true, writes Jason Toshack, General Manager ANZ at Oracle NetSuite. However, millions of eCommerce customers… Read more »