Life as a digital nomad: boost your rewards

- November 26, 2018 6 MIN READ

We’ve all seen the photos. Suntanned millennials with a MacBook in tow. They sit quaffing food and wine, casually working from poolside at a resort in Pago Pago. Or sip cocktails in Reykjavik, dashing off emails on their smartphone. Your Instagram feed is probably full of photos from these digital nomads, living the high life… Read more »


Can travel make you a better business owner?

- November 19, 2018 5 MIN READ

According to research conducted by Roy Morgan,  2.3 million Australians travelled by air for business purposes in 2016. How can SMBs take advantage of these travel experiences to benefit their business? According to small business and personal finance expert David Koch, travel is a terrific way for business owners to get an edge on their… Read more »


Insider travel tips: How to get ahead before take-off

- February 27, 2017 4 MIN READ

Whether you’re an international jetsetter, running a small interstate company or a millennial entrepreneur, business travellers have a million things to think about before they set foot on the plane. From scoring premium travel upgrades to beating jet lag so you can ace that early morning presentation, there are so many things to take care… Read more »


How to save $ with business travel

- January 3, 2017 3 MIN READ

Whether you have an army of ‘road warriors’ in your team, or a mere handful of employees who regularly travel on business, an effective policy will enable you to take control of corporate travel budgets while ensuring employees are offered reasonable flexibility and quality of travel.