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Why closed borders don’t mean Australia is closed for business

- August 14, 2021 4 MIN READ

The coronavirus pandemic continues to throw a perpetual spanner in the works for Australian businesses, but despite these challenges, there are still plenty of opportunities for growth says Vijay Raghvani, Head of Customer Experience at Airwallex. If you’re wondering whether the midst of a global pandemic is the right time to grow your business, you’re… Read more »

try these business truths if you want to get ahead
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Four timeless truths to adopt in your business

- August 12, 2021 3 MIN READ

Business owners and entrepreneurs make decisions daily, many of which are crucial to driving business growth. The weight of this responsibility can be challenging, but some timeless truths – adopted successfully by many others – may make these decisions easier, writes Jason Toshack, General Manager ANZ, Oracle NetSuite. Here are four of the most important… Read more »

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Why building confidence in yourself will help your business thrive

- July 8, 2021 3 MIN READ

Sometimes you meet someone and their confidence just radiates out of them. They seem self-assured, expressive, comfortable in themselves – like nothing could shake them. Do you want to know the secret to that kind of unstoppable confidence, asks internationally acclaimed confidence coach, Erika Cramer. That type of confidence isn’t something people are born with.… Read more »


Three growth strategies to implement when starting a business

- April 26, 2021 3 MIN READ

Australia has always been a nation of ‘small business’ with entrepreneurs key to the  health of the ecosystem. The plucky Aussie spirit and ‘can-do’ attitude means that this business sector is one of the most dynamic growth areas of the Australian economy writes Jason Toshack, General Manager ANZ at Oracle NetSuite. Small business, big impact… Read more »

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3 steps to easily grow your online business

- February 3, 2021 3 MIN READ

Growing a business is hard, and more often than not it’s brutally hard; whether you’re a sole trader, franchise operator, or running a 100 plus employee company, managing and growing a business is far from easy. COVID has exacerbated the difficulties involved in reaching new customers for most businesses, putting more pressure on online and… Read more »

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3 new rules in business survival

- January 7, 2021 3 MIN READ

If 2020 has been anything for the business world, it has been the Year of the Pivot. Countless organisations have been forced to rethink their entire business strategy due to the pandemic, with many forced to make rapid pivots just to survive, writes Jonathan Attia, Managing Director, Wiise. The “new normal” requires a new set… Read more »


The fastest growing business sectors in 2020

- February 11, 2020 2 MIN READ

It’s a new age world… recent data from 99designs has revealed biohacking, astrological services, cannabidiol (CBD) businesses and vegan products and services amongst the fastest growing industries for entrepreneurs in 2020 with all four expected to have explosive growth in the year ahead. The data comes from analysis of the number of companies across various… Read more »