Business coaching – do you have what it takes?

- August 2, 2019 3 MIN READ

Small business is big business in Australia. In 2018, nearly five million people were employed by small business, accounting for nearly half the total employment in the private sector.  Due to the rapidly evolving global and technological landscape, many of those businesses are desperate for advice. The business coaching industry is booming. If you think… Read more »


Disrupting industries “like a girl”

- March 7, 2018 3 MIN READ

Business mentor Smriti Goswami tackles the issue of lack of female entrepreneurs in male-dominated industries Smriti Goswami has never let “being a girl” hold her back from chasing her dreams. From a Navy Diving Course, to a commercial pilots’ licence and adventure-sport excellence, Smriti has excelled in many traditionally male-dominated arenas. Now Smriti, a life… Read more »


Are you convinced your product is valuable?

- September 10, 2017 2 MIN READ

The number one most important element to confidently cold-calling and selling face-to-face is having not only a belief, but a core conviction regarding your product or service and what you can offer. It will change the way you look at wanting to get the information to your prospective customers. If you know without any doubt… Read more »