Study finds if you want to attract customers focus on quality and service

- July 21, 2021 2 MIN READ
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A survey by Couriers Please has revealed distinctions in customer expectations when shopping with a small business compared to a big business counterpart.

The study found customers expect great service and quality products from small business owners. When shopping with a big business they are more likely to expect discounts and rapid service.

Small businesses excel at service

One in two Australians loved the service they have received from small business owners during. the pandemic, although large retailers were also praised for competitive pricing and were not far behind in offering great customer service.

The study results found that 40 per cent of Aussies think small and large businesses offer the same standard of product and service, while 51 per cent think boutique businesses offer higher quality products and services.

Personalisation is a small business strength

Respondents were also asked to rate small and large businesses in terms of their key service strengths.  Nearly three quarters (72 per cent) said small retailers offer a more personalised service that is more human-centred and makes them feel like a valued and important customer.

Half (53 per cent) said small retailers go further to resolve customer issues, while a third (39 per cent) said they communicate with customers more frequently.

On the other hand, consumers prefer the scale that larger retailers can bring, with 84 per cent of respondents stating they love the lower prices, better sales and faster service from big businesses.

Shop local a success

Australian consumers have thrown their support behind small and large retailers alike on the road to recovery post-pandemic and as the retail industry has shifted increasingly online, the importance of creating a positive customer journey has never been higher.

Over 50 per cent of Australian consumers have discovered new shopping behaviours, trying new brands, websites and retailers, creating unprecedented opportunities for retailers of all sizes. Many businesses that experienced strong growth in 2020 have attributed this to improved customer satisfaction.

Great customer service and experience essential

Paul Roper, Chief Commercial Officer at Couriers Please, said the past year has really highlighted the importance of a positive customer journey and seamless customer experience.

“While prices and service speed are mainstays of the online shopping experience, in a world with increased uncertainty and disrupted international delivery chains, consumers find themselves looking to their local retailers. We have been very proud to support them and look forward to helping them build positive customer relationships as we recover from these challenging times.

“It’s a good idea for retailers, big or small, to partner with a carrier that is an extension of their own service philosophy. Retailers wishing to attract and retain customers could also consider improving their eCommerce offering by outsourcing delivery-related services – such as returns and ‘click and collect’ – to a carrier partner that has innovated strongly in this area.”

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