Having A Strong Brand Is About Knowing Your Why

- March 30, 2016 2 MIN READ

For customers to have a chance of buying your why, you still need to sell it to them. That’s where creative content comes in. Creative content is basically content created to sell your story, your values and your why, not necessarily sell your product. Creative content is not an advertisement on a billboard or a bus shelter. It’s campaigns, videos, collaborations, installations, infographics, short films, flashmobs, basically anything goes, as long as it’s driving a message greater than ‘hey, you should buy this!’

The key is in passive marketing. You need to drive a message without being obvious about it. Most importantly, it’s important to have fun with your idea and not overdo it.

The first step is to work out your purpose, values and empathy map your target market, then come up with creative ideas to sell your message. At global company Kennards Hire, they have ‘culture ambassadors’ whose job is to make sure their brand is constantly connecting with the company’s strategy and the hearts and minds of their people. As Angus Kennard says, ‘Every person, every leader, every dollar we spend has to serve that purpose.’

Storytelling is powerful –how can you bring your values to life with good creative content? That’s what we specialise in here at Dream & Do. We help you find your WHY so that we can come up with creative ideas and a content strategy that will serve your ultimate purpose. Storytelling is the most powerful weapon in the current generation of consumers.

Here are some of our favourite examples of amazing creative content for brands out there…

Sanctuary Day Spa in London produced a video called ‘Let It Go’ which tapped into bigger, deeper messages of living in the moment, taking time for yourself and what it means to grow old and have regrets. It tugs on the heartstrings, and the ultimate message is to visit Sanctuary and take time out because you’re worth it. But they don’t say it – they don’t even push the brand.

The viral Husbands of Instagram video is hilarious and on-point, tapping into a serious issue in today’s culture of social media. Particularly after the viral social media shut-down of Essena O’Neill a few months ago, there’s been an onslaught of transparent Insta content that’s designed to poke fun at ourselves – look at @socalitybarbie and @deliciouslystella. This video is made by a theatre company, and you’d only know that by looking further into it and following the link at the end, so they don’t shove it in our faces. But how many people do you think would’ve booked tickets to one of their shows after seeing this?

Cereal Entrepreneurs is Dream & Do’s way of connecting with a network wider than our existing clients. We put on a bi-monthly event with free cereal, goodie bags, fun live interviews and creative workshops to showcase our company culture, values and purpose. If we win new clients at the end, that’s great. If not, they still had a good time and learned something from our speakers.

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