Start a podcast in 2022 and you’ll grow more than just your business

- March 22, 2022 3 MIN READ

Starting your own podcast is an opportunity to explore the topics you’re passionate about, share your expertise, and guide your own narrative, writes Samantha Dybac, founder and managing director of The PR Hub and host of the Influence Unlocked podcast.

I was recently approached by the organisers of the Women in Media (WiM) Relaunch Project 2022 and asked to present on the topic of podcasts to their latest cohort of industry professionals. The event organisers reached out to me because they know and love Influence Unlocked, the podcast I launched in late 2019 which is about to go into its fourth season next month.

And while I don’t consider myself an ‘expert’, I have certainly interviewed some impressive guests (Vinomofo’s Justin Dry, Tim Fung of Airtasker, serial entrepreneur Taryn Williams, fitness entrepreneur Sam Wood and 5 x young rich-lister, Nick Bell, to name a few) and learnt a few things along the way.

I really believe that when it comes to the power of personal brand and PR, you can’t go past a good podcast to help you achieve that.

Three ways a podcast can boost business

2021 was the biggest year on record for podcasts in Australia. As a nation we downloaded more than half a billion of them, almost 30 per cent more than in 2020. 37 per cent of Australians now listen to podcasts each month.

While podcasts are still a relatively new part of the media landscape, they are making an increasing impact.

Young woman interviewing for podcast or radio

If you decide to start a podcast in 2022, you may find you grow more than just your business.

1. Develop your own storytelling skills

Each interview is relying on you to listen to and really engage with your guest, teasing out any narrative ‘golden nuggets’ and transforming what you hear into a conversation. Over time you’ll learn to recognise a good story and intuit what makes your guests tick.

I can recall a time early on in Season 1 when I asked a guest a question that brought out a lot of emotion and made them cry. Instead of picking up on that raw moment and following it through, I breezed straight past it.

Needless to say, my podcast producer had some feedback for me afterwards – don’t be so focused on your agenda that you overlook valuable moments of personal connection with your guest, which is what lies at the heart of authentic storytelling.

Being able to recognise and build stories with your guest will give you better insights into what is interesting in your own story, and help you refine your own brand messaging.

2. Position yourself as an expert

Hosting a podcast will help you build your leadership profile.

As a business founder or leader, once you have identified your areas of expertise, the next step is to put a plan in place to share it as widely as possible. I’ve spoken previously about the power of personal brand for small business owners; podcasting is an effective way to do that. Podcasting gives you an opportunity to own your platform and content, and be in control of what – and who – you broadcast.

So not only will you position yourself as authority in your area of expertise, you will build on this by bringing on guests who will share insights and information to benefit your listeners, and grow your content library.

3. Connect with new audiences

In addition to nourishing existing relationships, podcasts are a powerful – and cost-effective – way to build relationships with new audiences. Putting a consistent friendly voice to the business will allow potential new customers to build an image of you as a trustworthy and reliable source.

Speaking from experience, the opportunity I’ve had to interview industry leaders from fields as diverse as sport, hospitality, entertainment and politics, has enabled me to grow my knowledge and experience in – and reach to – sectors I never imagined. My invitation to present at the Relaunch Project is proof of that!

Podcasts are an opportunity to explore the topics you’re passionate about, share your expertise, and guide your own narrative, something you simply can’t do on a third party media platform unless you’re paying for ad space.

If you do decide to go down the route of starting your own podcast in 2022, make sure you’re prepared to invest the time and energy required into making it work.

My best advice? Don’t wait until you’re perfect. Just start!

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