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Why standing out brings maximum sales success

- October 4, 2017 2 MIN READ

Capturing attention becomes more and more difficult with each day in small business as the technology that attracts it changes.

Our buyers are met by increasingly higher demands for their eyeballs and eardrums both online and offline, and its our job to rise to the top so you capture their attention. Before they meet with you, see your promotion or hear your voice you need to understand this brutal honesty: They don’t really care about what you have to offer. Not at all.

It’s a harsh truth, but it needs to be understood in order to realise just how critical what you’re about to learn truly is. Most of us are walking around in our own bubble of reality.

So when it comes to having a conversation with someone about your service, they don’t care that much. That is, until you give them a reason to care.

So how do we cut through all the noise?
The answer is simple to understand, but can be difficult to employ:

You stand out. You be different. You become a reason to break out of the trance the buyer is currently in and pay attention. And this itself is done by what is referred to as ‘breaking state’.

‘Breaking someone’s state’ essentially occurs when something out of the ordinary comes into their environment in the form of a sensory stimulus that changes their current state of thinking.

  • A loud bang when you are trying to meditate.
  • A pungent smell in an otherwise clear-smelling environment
  • A Velcro vest of a security guard in an otherwise dark arena.

These all capture the attention of anyone in close vicinity and break their state – meaning they capture attention and hold it for a long enough period of time to serve a particular purpose.

How does it apply in an actual sales conversation?
OK, this one is significantly clear: Don’t be the same as everyone else. Be different. Change the levels of tone in your voice. Ask unexpected questions.

In a world where everyone talks about themselves, you be the one that talks about them. Be proud of what makes your service different. Have enthusiasm for what you sell. Have enthusiasm for what lights them up.

Otherwise, the only option you are left with is sounding like someone that is just ticking the boxes or reading from a script. It lacks the human touch to really get great deals done and needs to be eradicated from your sales game immediately.

Be different, break their state, be noticed. What can you or are you doing in your small business to break the mould?

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