You’ve gotta be shirting me?

- December 27, 2017 < 1 MIN READ

Planning on partying hard this holiday season? Then it’s time to invest in a stain proof t-shirt.

Melbourne wearable tech company Threadsmiths have developed the world’s first commercially available stain proof t-shirt.  The aptly named ‘Cavalier’ is made from hydroponic fabric employing nano technology – so it doesn’t have any of those nasty chemicals that were found is similar t-shirts by other brands – and it claims to be able to repel most stains.

The inspiration behind the shirt comes from nature. Threadsmiths told KBB the idea for the water repellent fabric was spawned after one of the founders observed a duck paddling in a lake and notices its dry feathers.

After some tinkering and thinking and a good dose of invention, the Cavalier was born.

According to Threadsmiths, the secret lies in the microscopic nano particles, which create a barrier between the fabric and any liquids.

The result means an accidental coffee splash, a misplaced fork of spaghetti or an errant ice cream drip will no loger cause a clothes catastrophe.

The shirt has already become a firm favourite with hipsters (and anyone who hates to do laundry) and has seen Threadsmiths heralded by the New York Times, no less, for their ingenuity.

Not bad for a little Aussie company!

Watch Melburnians reaction to the shirt.


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