South Australia celebrates small business month

- November 26, 2017 < 1 MIN READ

South Australia’s economy is built off small business. With over 140,000 small businesses in operation in the state, there’s little doubt that small business is the backbone of the economy and a key driver of the state’s employment and growth.

“They are at the core of every industry sector, working from our cities and towns to the corners of our streets, and help to propel state and regional development by providing vital goods and services to us as consumers, and contribute to the state’s billions of dollars in major developments,” says SA Minister for Small Business, Martin Hamilton-Smith.

Small businesses comprise about 98 per cent of all businesses in South Australia and employ around one-third of the state’s workforce.

According to Hamilton-Smith that’s a “significant slice of the economic pie”. More importantly, Hamilton-Smith says small businesses form the basis for the rich social and cultural fabric of the state.

“That’s why the South Australian Government is dedicated to providing the right business environment for small businesses to grow and prosper,” Hamilton-Smith says.

To celebrate the great businesses on offer in South Australia and to coincide with South Australian Business month, Kochie’s Business Builders is shining a spotlight on some of our favorite small businesses. From ghost tours to 180-year-old vineyards, there’s plenty of great offerings in our southern state.

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