Solving your small business tech needs with PCaaS

- June 29, 2018 2 MIN READ

Move over SaaS, there’s a new player in town. PC as a Service (PCaaS) is transforming the way small businesses facilitate their tech needs by providing a one-stop-shop bundling hardware, software and support together.

With cash flow a major issue for many small businesses, PCaaS makes good business sense by combining hardware, software and support into a single solution at a monthly fixed cost. Companies such as DellHP and Lenovo are already offering this option and more players are expected to roll out PCaaS.

Small business expert David Koch suggests PCaaS is a great option for cash-strapped SMBs who want to upgrade their tech but are struggling with finding the cash for an upfront investment.

“PC as a Service gives businesses the freedom to manage their cash flow more effectively while also taking the hassle of IT management out of their hands,” says Koch.

“Businesses can benefit from fixed payments and if anything goes wrong with their IT they don’t have to worry about costly repairs as IT support is all part of the solution! PCaaS simplifies the entire process of buying, managing and refreshing your business’s PC assets. And since it’s a managed service, the cost is predictable across the lifecycle of the equipment, which is great for cash flow.”

If you’re a small business owner this end-to-end lifecycle management of your equipment has several advantages.

“PCaaS also delivers the IT assets you need when you need them,” adds Koch. “If your business scales up and needs more IT equipment, it’s easy to evolve your PCaaS offering to meet your needs.

“When it comes to small business, time is money,” adds Koch. “And PCaaS can deliver big savings for small business.”

Recent data from a survey conducted by Intel and Dell back up Koch’s statement. According to the research, PCaaS can deliver big savings for small businesses (as much as 25 per cent). This frees up budget and time for businesses to focus on other areas of transformation.

With digital transformation becoming an integral part of small business success, PCaaS allows even small operators the opportunity to utilise the latest tech, unimpeded by price barriers.

“Suddenly the playing field is level,” says Koch. “You can be a small business or a solo operator and still have access to the latest tech at an affordable price. PCaaS is great news for small business.”

Find out more about  HP’s Device as a Service here, Dell’s PCaaS here, and Lenovo’s PCaaS here.

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