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“Our Snap franchise has been here for 31 years”

- October 20, 2017 2 MIN READ

Craig Edmondson’s family business is a local institution. They have been running a Snap franchise in the suburb of Rockdale in Sydney for the past 31 years. 

“As kids we’d often come in and help mum and dad. I used to help in the holidays. I learnt how to run a printing press when I was about 16 and I’m now the centre manager,” says Craig happily.

Click play above to hear Craig Edmondson share the story of his Sydney family business 

A lot more has changed in that time. Starting off with more basic offerings, this family franchise now offer an array of options for customers. “We print on mugs, mouse matts, we do posters, office stationery, signage, websites, email marketing. All sorts of different things. You have to reinvent yourself,” adds Craig.

“We have had some of our clients or a long time. Sydney airport is one we have had for the whole time we have had the business. Another one is Hello World travel (which started off as Harvey World Travel). We have kept a lot of these clients and others for 15 plus years so that shows we have built a relationship with those clients. We love dealing with customers. The whole team does.”

This is a very proudly run family business 

He adds, “Working with the family is great. We are fortunate we are doing things we like and it is great to have the support. To know you can lean on the family when you need it is great.”

Contact your local Snap Centre for more information on how they can help your small business. 

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