Is Queensland ahead of the pack supporting small biz?

- May 10, 2017 3 MIN READ

We investigate and ask … are the more than 414,000 small businesses in Queensland getting more internal support than other states?

Here’s a quick look at how far small businesses have come in the Sunshine State.

Small business is considered the backbone of the Australian economy and contribute heavily to the regional development with more than 2.17 million actively trading businesses, according to the ABS. Queensland currently has almost 20 per cent of all the small businesses in Australia and 97 per cent of all businesses in Queensland are classified as small businesses.

Research collated by Kate Carnell, the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) and her office, demonstrates that across the board, small business are receiving the least amount of help in the economy.

Only 15 per cent of small businesses reporting having received any form of government assistance. In comparison, 30 per cent of medium businesses have received help and 57 per cent of large businesses have been supported.

According to Kate Carnell, Queensland is leading the pack when it comes to supporting small business. She says the appointment of Marie Adshead as the state’s first Small Business Champion, that Queensland has taken a positive step in the right direction. The state’s commitment to the Advancing Small Business Queensland Strategy 2016-20 is another long-term focus.

Marie Adshead is Queensland’s first official Small Business Champion

“They are empowering small business to grow and that’s to be applauded. There are lots of great events for 2017 Queensland Small Business week and good information for small business,” she adds.

Queensland’s Minister for Small Business Hon Leeanne Enoch concurs and says there is an innovation boom occurring right now. “There are great ideas growing constantly from the knowledge-based economy that’s evolved in our own backyard,” she says.

“Although the past decade has been challenging at times for small business, with the global financial crisis and a number of large-scale natural disasters, these years have shown the resilience of small businesses throughout our state,” she adds.

Currently, small business in Queensland employs around 43 per cent of all private sector workers. Enoch says Queensland intends on becoming even more of a booming hub for small business and expects people will continue to relocate from around Australia to create even more fantastic small businesses.

The Palaszczuk Government is working to support small business in this knowledge-based economy through our own unique $405 million Advance Queensland whole-of-government initiative,” says Enoch.

Click play to get involved with the 2017 Queensland Small Business Week

The initiative aim is to further enhance innovation and jobs including the development of new jobs in sectors such as agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, education and health. “Our aim is to create a welcoming and fully supported business ecosystem that positions Queensland as the place in Australia for small businesses to start, grow and employ,” adds Enoch.

For instance, the Queensland Government offers a variety of programs and resources to assist small businesses to flourish. Queensland is becoming known and respected for its forward thinking position on supporting small business. “Through the Palaszczuk Government’s Advancing Small Business Queensland strategy 2016-20, investments are being made to allow every one of the 414,000 small businesses to become more digitally savvy – so they can harness all the opportunities of today,” says Enoch. She firmly believes that the government’s interaction with small business is growing with technology playing a major role for small business.

“Queensland are really great at supporting small business. They have a whole range of good approaches to help small businesses,” adds Carnell. “There are grants for innovation and better ways of giving small business access to government work in place.”

Queensland has seen the development of 8,000 new businesses emerging in the 2015-16 financial year, says Minister Enoch. “It’s fantastic to see the Queensland Government really putting a lot more effect and enthusiasm behind small business,” adds Carnell. “According to the Sensis Business Index, Queensland businesses are now the most positive in the nation about the long-term prospects for the economy,” adds Enoch.

Here are a list of special small business events happening around Australia:
NSW: Back to Business Week (26th February – 4th March 2017)
QLD: Queensland Small Business Week (15 May to 20th May 2017)
Victoria: Small Business Festival Victoria (August & September 2017)
Northern Territory: October Business Month 2017
Western Australia: Small Business Day (28th October 2017)
Tasmania: Currently unavailable (Grants and funding are available)
South Australia: Currently unavailable (Grants and funding are available)

Do you think Queensland really is ahead of the pack when it comes to supporting small business? Let us know by commenting below.

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