Small businesses without websites unattractive to job seekers

- February 11, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

With more and more job hunters researching potential employers before applying for a role, a new study by Indeed has found 69 per cent of job seekers believe it is hard to know what a job will actually be like at a small to medium-sized business.

The study follows on the heels of recent research by GoDaddy which found that the majority of Australian small businesses do not have a company website. Yet two thirds of Australians won’t even consider purchasing from a business unless they have an online presence.

Indeed’s survey adds to the argument that small business owners need to consider online as not only an alternative retail source but as a platform to manage their reputation, particularly amongst prospective job applicants.

According to Indeed’s study which surveyed 1000 jobseekers around Australia, a correlation exists between access to information and trust in an organisation. Trust increases according to the information that is available. The study found two thirds (64 per cent) of job hunters are likely to focus on companies with the best online reputations if they have access to information about the company.

Additionally, when compared to larger companies, job hunters believe that SMBs would be more likely to have true (62 per cent) and more accurate (62 per cent) online reviews.

One of the biggest challenges employers face during the hiring process is standing out amongst other employers vying for the same talent pool. The analysis of factors that affect the behaviour of job hunters comes as small businesses are finding it increasingly challenging to hire talent.

In 2018, job hunters viewed an Indeed Company Page to research a company more than 1.5 billion times.


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