How small businesses are using social media

- February 13, 2017 < 1 MIN READ

How important is social media to your small business?

According to a recent study from Sensis, the number of businesses with a social media presence jumped this year from 31% to 48% for small businesses. Out of those businesses that still don’t yet have a social media presence 17% are expected to create one this year.

Quality engagement and content are crucial as consumers are 52% more likely to trust a brand if it interacts in a positive way with its consumers on social media. The other most important aspects are if customers find the content posted engaging and relevant and they regularly update their content.

customers trust brands if they interact positively on social media

What is the most common reason for people stop following a brand on social media? If there is irrelevant or unappealing content then 52% of customers are likely to switch off.

Small businesses paying to advertise on social media in 2016 grew from 17% to 20%. And Facebook was the platform that businesses were most likely to advertise with eight out ten for small to medium businesses choosing this as a platform. While 62% of small businesses believe social media investment will add to an increase in sales

Not surprisingly, there has been a steady growth in every state in terms of businesses with a social media presence.

Queensland small businesses have the highest social media presence

Proportion of Australian small to medium businesses that have a social presence:

Queensland: 54%
South Australia: 51%
New South Wales: 50%
Northern Territory: 45%
Victoria: 45%
Tasmania: 45%
Western Australia:  39%
ACT: 39%

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How can social media can help my business?

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