Series 10 Episode 3: The Benefits of Coworking Spaces

There are more than 70 new businesses a week in Australia according to new data and co-working spaces are a great place for these businesses to grow.

Trying to do business out of your bedroom is a bad idea because you are segregated from the world around you. You may be building from the ground up, but the feeling that you are going at it alone is very real.

A co-working space can help you deal with the many harsh realities of startup life, and you often work harder and with more passion when working with other like-minded professionals. It’s a thriving community where every member is part of a hive, pursuing his or her own business goals while interacting with others for synergy.

What’s more is that a good co-working space doesn’t just rent out desks — it carefully evaluates every applicant to try and ensure a truly good fit. And by creating an ecosystem where this community is able to come together, it aids in connecting startups with venture capitalists, media, lawyers, financiers, and other complementary service providers that can kick start your business.

Hackathons, beer networking nights, coding lessons, e-commerce classes, a great in-house barista, and plenty of open space in which to tirelessly enjoy the sweet aroma of coffee beans, all make up the vibrancy of the co-working community. It is no wonder that 70% of people reported that they felt healthier than they do working in a traditional office setting.

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