Series 10 Episode 3: How to Automate Your Marketing

Improving your businesses performance and afford can be done using automated marketing software.

The vast majority of small to medium-sized business owners spend more days working in their business than working on it. There just never seems to be enough time to do things which drive growth and strengthen the bottom line. If you find yourself too busy to be focusing on big-picture tasks then you need to put routine, manual processes on autopilot with automated systems.

There are a number of simple solutions on the market today to assist with automating and streamlining everything from marketing and scheduling to invoicing and bookkeeping. Some processes every small business owner should think about automating.

According to Jeff Haden, “Every business faces fierce competition–both in terms of sales and, just as importantly, efficiency and effectiveness. That’s where automation comes in.To remain competitive you need to automate–or someone else will automate you out of business.”

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