SEEK aims to remove unconscious bias from the employment process

- June 21, 2018 < 1 MIN READ

In an effort to remove bias from the hiring process Aussie employment marketplace, SEEK, is launching ‘Hide Names’ today. This feature will remove a candidate’s name from their profile to allow hirers to focus on potential employees’ experience and skills. The tool aims to reduce unconscious bias.

A name can indicate both gender and ethnicity, and while it is not the only solution in overcoming unconscious bias, removing a job seeker’s name from their profile goes a long way to help reduce biased hiring decisions.

Kendra Banks, Managing Director SEEK ANZ suggests bias is a complex issue and while there is no ‘silver bullet,’ SEEK’s latest tool aims to enable hirers to build more inclusive work environments.

“Businesses and Government organisations are focused on building diverse teams to deliver better business outcomes and reflect the diverse range of customers they serve. At SEEK we are uniquely placed to empower organisations in the search and connect phases of their talent management by offering tools that support building diverse teams.”

The tool will be available to all Talent Search and Premium Talent Search users on SEEK.

When performing a search, hirers can simply tick the ‘Hide Names’ checkbox at the top of their search results to remove all candidates’ names from view. Candidates can then be shortlisted or added into talent pools where hirers and recruiters can compare skills and experience of candidates. The ‘Hide Names’ feature can be toggled on or off at any stage during the search process to reveal candidate details as needed.


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