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Core values of innovation and sustainability are the key to this brand’s 50-year success

- November 22, 2017 3 MIN READ

This year Ricoh Australia celebrates 50 years in business. It’s a significant milestone, paying testament to the brand’s continual quest to provide its valued customers with dynamic workplace technology solutions.

Achieving longevity in business is no mean feat. Fluctuating markets, changing customer needs and technological evolution can make it tough to keep up. The key to success often exists in embracing change, inculcating a customer-centric approach, and creating an aspirational corporate culture. For Ricoh Australia, which first began trading in Australia as Nashua Australia Pty Ltd, change has been the only constant in its’ road to success.

Digital transformation is more than just a buzz word for Ricoh

Ricoh was the stalwart equipment provider for many Australian businesses, providing people with the tools they needed to work better, faster, smarter. If you worked in an office in the 90s chances are there was a Ricoh printer and copier at its heart. Flash-forward to today and the story remains much the same, with one exception, the paper-driven business model that kept the company buoyant for many years has evolved to become a story of sustainability, information management, workflow and digital innovation.

Digital transformation is more than just a buzz word for Ricoh. The brand thrives on promoting and implementing digital technology solutions for its clients. Pushed by a deep rooted committed to the environment, as can be seen in its ‘Planet People Profits’ mantra, Ricoh is consistently putting sustainability at the fore of its new initiatives.

An industry leader in providing recycling and environmental education, Ricoh’s pioneering efforts in the office automation and imaging industry have been recognised globally. With eight consecutive years in the Global 100 List of Sustainable Corporations, Ricoh takes its green credentials very seriously.

“We believe that ensuring the earth’s future viability needs affirmative action today from businesses and the community,” says Andy Berry Managing Director of Ricoh Australia. “The biggest action we can take to reduce our environmental impact is to reduce our level of wastage and resources, prolong the life of our products through reuse, or recycle end of life material into a feed stream for new products.”

Ricoh’s recycling, consumption reduction and emission reduction programs all exhibit elements of the reduce, reuse, and recycle approach and align with the company’s ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ principle.

Today the brand has taken its passion for innovation one step further by embracing a philosophy of digital solutions that are transforming how people do business.

“Right now, there’s a lot of buzz around digital transformation but what does that mean for small business? How do they navigate through it? What do they need? How can they become more productive, collaborative and optimise interactions with their employees, clients and partners across local and global markets?” asks Berry.

Berry suggests that Ricoh takes a hands-on approach with its clients, tailoring solutions to suit these needs. Through cloud computing, remote monitoring, and other innovations, Ricoh is making the transformation more mobile, and more personal.

“Our purpose is to improve work life. We look forward to continuing to provide both support and partnership to Australian small business through our innovative workplace technology solutions for another 50 years,” said Berry.

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