This reusable cup will help you kick the single use habit

- August 23, 2018 2 MIN READ

With 500 billion disposable coffee cups going to landfill every year, isn’t it time we started searching for an ethically sustainable resource to fix the by-product of our addiction?

Sydney-based entrepreneur Ed Burton believes now is the time to ditch single-use products and opt for an environmentally friendly solution. His new reusable bamboo coffee cup offers a lightweight durable alternative that doesn’t cost the earth.

Upcycled from the remnants of chopsticks, Burton’s product is set to revolutionise the reusable cup industry, delivering a product that not only looks great but is practical to boot.

After 18 months of research and development, Burton has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first line of production of his ‘habit’ cups. He tells KBB he was inspired to start his new company – habit – sustainable products worth using – after encountering 100s of discarded cups on a morning jog.

“I counted single-use cups and bottles when I was out running once. I couldn’t believe the amount on one beach. Imagine how many coffee cups we throw away every day, all over Australia.”

Burton says while many Australians are aware of the impacts of single-use cups and bottles on the environment and want to make a difference, sometimes they have limited options.

“There should be more products that look after the bigger picture, but more importantly, they should do that AND be something we actually want to use. Sustainable doesn’t have to mean boring or difficult. Sustainable should be easy. Habitual,” he says.

Burton’s habit cups deliver on practicalities and aesthetics. Utilising bamboo, a sustainable, natural resource provides a number of benefits.

“It tends to an authentic coffee taste and – thanks to habit‘s new double-walled design – keeps coffee hotter for longer than other commonly used materials. And habit coffee cups look no different than disposable ones.

“What we’re talking about here is coffee. It’s part of daily life, something so straightforward to change. It just needs to be on our minds now and then. Single-use coffee cups are a big problem, with over 500 billion of them discarded every year. I think we should be able to drink coffee without it (literally) costing us the Earth.”

Burton’s Kickstarter campaign launched on August 22 and it has ’til September 17, 2018, to reach its ‘all or nothing’ goal.

“Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will get one of the first habit coffee cups – along with a drawstring drip bag – not yet available to buy in stores. Hitting our target of AU$12,500 will get our first production run going and start our next chapter: introducing coffee cups to retailers,” he says.

If you’d like to back Burton’s product head to the Kickstarter campaign here

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