DHL report finds Aussie exports continue to grow

- December 3, 2018 2 MIN READ

The annual DHL Export Barometer shows that 61 per cent of exporters reported favourable growth in actual orders over the past 12 months, the highest record in the last decade.

Now in its 15th year, the report found high levels of market confidence, despite current political and socio economic conditions.

75 per cent of exporters also expect to record an increase in international sales over the next 12 months, a rise of 8 per cent from last year’s result.

According to the report, Aussie exporters are entering more international markets than ever before; most destinations registered growing uptake over the past 12 months

The report also found close to 50 per cent of exporters are planning to expand to new markets, by investing in online marketing, social media and workforce. E-commerce also continues to remain a promising avenue of growth – almost 80 per cent of exporters are generating orders from online channels

Commenting on exporters’ confidence in the international export market, Gary Edstein, CEO and Senior Vice President for DHL Express Oceania, said, this year’s positive sentiment among the majority of exporters is a positive sign for Australia’s export market.

“Australian exporters have demonstrated a real tenacity that sees them pursuing further expansion in the face of global political and economic developments, Edstein said.

“Undoubtedly, e-commerce has been a positive force for this continual growth, contributing significantly to the confidence of Australian exporters and equipping them with the platforms necessary to go global.”

While the historical trade partners of the US, Europe and UK remain strong export markets for Australian businesses, New Zealand continues to be the top destination for Australian exporters.

Tim Harcourt, JW Fellow and host of the Airport Economist suggested New Zealand continues to be an attractive export option for Australian businesses thanks to long-standing economic trade agreements.

“Among exporters who have been exporting for more than 20 years, 80 per cent of them continue to show confidence in trade with New Zealand – a testament to the enduring strength of the Trans-Tasman relationship,” Harcourt said.

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