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Finding the right people for your small business

- April 7, 2017 3 MIN READ

Finding the right staff for your small business doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge, even when you don’t have the resources and budget that bigger businesses have.

Be transparent and open about what you’re looking for in a new hire with others who are involved in the hiring process. Find common ground and work together to get the right person in the job sooner rather than later. Having a clear picture of your dream hire’s role and responsibilities will make the process smoother and easier.

When trying to attract quality candidates, offer additional incentives as well as a fair (or if possible generous) salary, which may already be limited by budget constraints. Instead, look to offer flexibility around office hours or where permissible, allow remote work days. Other ideas to consider are bonuses such as a work phone, covering their fuel costs, free or subsidised gym memberships, etc., Get creative!

This will also give you something very positive to discuss during the interview process. Ask what the candidate is looking for in a job apart from their pay cheque. Listen to their answers carefully and respond to them honestly to ensure it is a good fit.

Often, in a small business a large onus is placed on finding a ‘cultural fit’ however you shouldn’t be blinded by a candidates talk. At the end of the day, you need someone in the job who can walk-the-walk and not just talk-the-talk. If an employee is failing to do their job then tensions are going to quickly arise. Having the wrong person in a role can actually create work for you.

Another way to ensure your hire is a good fit is to get the on boarding done right. That way the new employee will hopefully start off on the right foot immediately. Ensure everything the employee needs to know to get to work is ironed out on the first few days on the job. Ensure both of you understand and are clear about what is expected of them.

Of course, having someone on your team who is well versed in not only daily HR tasks but also recruitment helps. Utilising your in-house skills to bring in new and qualified staff is going to save the business time and money. It will also boost the bottom line long-term.

Perhaps you need to upskill your HR staff to create an efficient hiring process. Upskilling your staff provides the opportunity to assign them the responsibility of hiring where they might not have had the skills beforehand. Investing in education and training for your staff is sure to result in a great ROI – this helps to boost productivity and also helps with staff retention rates.

Alternatively, can you hire internally? You might already have staff capable of the position you are recruiting for. Or there might be a hardworking employee due for a promotion. Again, could this just be a case for some further education and in-house training?

Recruiting the right candidates doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect for your small business. Sure, you might not have a fancy hiring process like bigger companies. However, you do have a passion for your business and the dedicated staff that work for you. Having a clear vision of what tasks and responsibilities your new hire will have before you even begin looking is a great start. Communicating this with others in the business that many be involved in the hiring process will help make the whole process more efficient.

Consider what benefits you can offer good candidates to help attract their talent to your business aside from money. And don’t get sidetracked by the prospect of a great talker rather than a great worker. Good luck!

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