Public speaking tips to help you make the most of networking

- August 31, 2017 3 MIN READ

Public speaking can be a terrifying occasion for many people, and just the thought of it can evoke nerves and anxiety. Most people are not used to having a room full of individuals paying attention to everything they say and do.

Lacking confidence, letting nerves get to you or being unprepared means you’re not making the most of that opportunity to position yourself and your organisation to a room full of potential connections.

Giving an excellent presentation (or even a confident positioning statement) is something that can be learned. Here are our best public speaking tips to help nervous and novice speakers impress their audience.

Start with a message 

Instead of launching into it, start with a message that will benefit your audience and capture their interest instantly. Instead of the usual “good morning everyone, my name is John and I run a private accounting firm. We specialise in blah blah blah…,” try something like “Good morning everyone. What if I told you there was one simple think you can do in your business today that will save you over a thousand dollars in tax a year?” Then proceed to explain. Their instant attention will boost your confidence.

Be yourself

The best public speeches, no matter the length, are conversational. It’s not the theatre so don’t be an actor, and don’t simply read from a pre-written script. Pretend they are your best friends to help relax you.

Think about your audience

When you’re nervous about speaking, all you generally think about is yourself – what you’re going to say, how you’re going to look, how you’ll stop yourself rushing through your words or not forget them altogether. Instead, think of your audience as a room full of listeners. Your speech is going to benefit them, and once you realise that you’ll feel more prepared.

Practice, practice, practice

The more you speak in front of an audience, the more comfortable you’ll feel doing it. Try some small events before you move onto the big ones, and practice in front of family and friends.

Find a speaking coach 

A (good) public speaking coach or mentor will work through some highly beneficial techniques with you to make sure you’re well prepared and come across well to your audience.

Public speaking is a talent that can be learned, and fears surrounding it can be overcome.

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