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PT Blueboys: A family business innovating for success

- October 20, 2023 3 MIN READ


In the heart of the vast region straddling the Queensland and New South Wales border lies the rural town of Goondiwindi. Amongst the vast expanses of fields and the resilient, hardworking community, Anna and Darren Dillon have forged not just one but two remarkable businesses Dillons Mechanical and PT Blueboys.

Both businesses have become integral to their lives, embodying the spirit of family entrepreneurship, but it is PT Blueboys that has captured the imagination of the community, ensuring a nomination for Australia’s Favourite Family Business competition.

The journey of PT Blueboys, is of a business born from a genuine community need.

“The problem was right in front of us, something we faced daily,” Anna Dillon recalled. “Coupling connections on trucks and trailers were constantly seizing up due to the dirt, dust, and the elements. This was where PT Blueboys and their ingenious coupling connection covers were born, a solution to a problem that needed solvingo.

“This product was the genesis of PT Blueboys. Our product, patented, designed, manufactured, and sold entirely within Australia, is truly one-of-a-kind, with no equivalents existing elsewhere in the world,” said Anna.

Operating a family business always introduces its own set of dynamics and challenges. With a family of four – mum, dad, and two teenage boys – it’s easy to imagine the everyday hustle.

“We all play important roles in our business and are very valued,” Anna explained. “The boys also help with packing orders, social media, and the design process using design programs and 3D printing our original ideas and prototypes.

“Our family has always worked as a team, backed each other, and pulled on each other’s strengths and contributions.”

What Anna and Darren love about being part of a family business goes beyond everyday operations. “We love that we are building a legacy for our children and their families for the future,” Anna said.

Getting the balance right

However, they acknowledge the difficulties that come with the territory. “The challenges of being part of a family business for us have been the work and family life balance,” Anna noted.

Their success is also underpinned by a set of core values that they hold dear. “Loyalty to our people, partners, and local communities, common sense in decision-making, integrity in all our dealings, and a commitment to aim high and exceed expectations – these values are the bedrock of our success,” Anna said.

“Innovation is at the core of the growth and sustainability of our business as it is the source of our whole business projection,” Anna explained.

“We are continuously researching and developing both current and new designs in manufacturing to cut down production times costs and improve quality. Innovation is also essential for us to launch new products.”

Setting ambitious goals

Their vision extends beyond the Australian horizon.

“Our future plans and goals consist of seeing our products in everyday use in other Australian industries, such as industrial, transport, and mining sectors,” Anna shared.

“We also aim to grow our distribution throughout the world, eventually, but the scope and timing of our expansion depend on our manufacturing capabilities as we proudly support Australian-made and manufactured.”

Finally, the possibility of winning Australia’s Favourite Family Business competition holds a special place in their hearts.

“We would be very honoured to win this award to represent family businesses in Australia and pave the way for the next generation to come,” Anna said.

“We also hope we can inspire other families thinking about starting or growing their business further.”

The Dillons offer some sage advice to fellow family businesses with dreams of recognition and success.

“Set your goals and continue backing yourself even when things get tough,” Anna suggested. “Don’t expect things to happen overnight. Remember to stop and enjoy milestones as you reach a goal.”

PT Blueboys is a testament to the indomitable spirit of family entrepreneurship, a story of innovation, unity, and a bright future for the Dillons and the generations that will follow in their footsteps.

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