Pronto makes fast work of dirty bottles

- October 2, 2019 2 MIN READ

Anyone that has a new baby understands how the endless washing and sterilising of dirty bottles can become a drudgery. A Melbourne mum’s invention could put an end to this pain, freeing up parents to spend more time with their little ones.

Shannon Gilleland, the founder and inventor of the Pronto Bottle is seeking crowdfunding for her new product, a baby’s bottle that can sterilise itself thanks to built in ultraviolet light wave technology.

The self-cleaning baby bottle can sterilise on the go, without the need to wash multiple bottles or boil water to fill the bottle beforehand. Gilleland came up with the bottle after juggling the bottle prepping process in the back of the car, while parked outside her husband’s workplace one day.

“I thought to myself that if someone was looking into the back seat, they would surely have laughed at how ridiculous the process of preparing a baby bottle was while on the go.,’ Gilleland said.

“I surveyed 100 parents and they all seemed to be struggling with the steriliser, boiling water or having to carry around heavy pre-filled bottles too.”

According to Gilleland parents currently spend around an hour a day preparing baby bottles, which must be sterilised until their infant is at least 12 months old.

Gilleland’s invention uses a UVC light concealed in its lid, to self-sterilise. A simple press of a button activates the light to sterilise the bottle. Ultraviolet light wave technology (UVC) can destroy harmful microorganisms found on food and in the air; it can also be used for disinfecting water and sterilising surfaces.

Bottles can be rinsed ready to be prepared at a later time or pre-filled with water so it’s actually sanitising itself while you’re on the go.

Gilleland initially looked at traditional methods of baby bottle preparation such as steam sterilisers as well as sanitising tablets and liquids. Her quest led her to the medical industry where UVC technology had already been pioneered to sanitise surgical equipment.  She soon discovered it was also being used by hikers and third world aid workers to sanitise drinking water in remote areas

“That’s when I had my lightbulb moment, and knew it was going to be possible,” she said.

Gilleland took 18 months to design the Pronto Bottle, and is now calling for backers via an IndieGoGo campaign. The final product is expected to ship to backers mid next year, with pre-orders being available through her IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign.

Gilleland, who has extensive project management and e-commerce background, admits getting the ‘Pronto Bottle’ into production has been a major challenge. She started her business, called Form-I-Baby, while battling post-natal depression following the birth of her daughter, who’s now just about to turn into a three-nager.

“The voice of self-doubt got very loud at times and it was honestly a combination of things that helped me through including my wonderful husband, family and business mentors,” she said.

“I’m so happy that my product is going to make a difference to the lives of mums and dads around the world – I don’t know anyone who is happy to wake up to a sink full of dirty baby bottles in the morning or enjoys lugging around a ridiculously large nappy bag with them if they’re just nipping down to the shops for 2 minutes.”

The ‘Pronto Bottle’ is expected to retail around $220.

Check out the IndieGoGo campaign here



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