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How professionals can profit from running an online course

- September 2, 2016 2 MIN READ

What makes you an expert in your field? Deep knowledge of your subject matter, a breadth of experience, and dedication to ensuring you remain au fait with current research and trends affecting your sector all play a part.

If you’re a seasoned operator who ticks all these boxes, sharing your expertise online can be an excellent way to build a profile as a trainer, as well as a respected professional and subject matter expert.

Formalising your online offering into a niche ‘academy’ offering short courses and seminars can also be an opportunity to develop a potentially lucrative income stream, if yours is an offering suitable for monetisation.

Do it well and there’s the potential to reach an audience of millions, without incurring the prohibitive start-up and operational costs typically associated with establishing and running a traditional bricks and mortar education venture.

In your favour, is the fact that study and professional development have become far more flexible propositions than they were a decade or two ago, when formal courses and highly priced seminars were often the only options available to those seeking to update or expand their skillset.

Fast, ubiquitous internet access and the public’s high level of comfort with internet based learning mean online trainers can now compete on equal or stronger footing with their real life counterparts.

The global boom in online training shows how many businesses and individuals are doing so. Market research firm Global Industry Analysts estimated the global e-learning market would be worth a whopping $US107 billion in 2015, as organisations of all stripes look at the internet as a rich source of training revenue.

Sound like a lot of trouble to get your own venture of this nature off the ground? Online training provider The Course School turns the business of setting up your own school into a step-by-step process which guides you through the business of developing and producing your own online tutorials and training clips.

The Course School grew out of one of Australia’s most successful online course technology platform, YesCourse. Students of The Course School then move over to the YesCourse platform so they can efficiently facilitate and run their online courses.

Founder of The Course School, Shilpa Bhourasker’s formula for turning professional expertise into marketable study materials has paid dividends for more than 2500 students around the world program over the past two years. The majority have used the program as a springboard for sharing their own skills, in everything from financial management to animal training, with online audiences around the world.

Could the strategies and techniques which have helped these professionals build a thriving base of customers for their specialist courses be used to create a similar sideline venture and income stream for your business?

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