Dr Vincent Candrawinata on First Act
FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 27 From food labs to the aisles of Woolies: Dr Vincent’s apple innovation is changing lives

Does an apple a day keep the doctor away? Dr Vincent Candrawinata knows the answer. He’s the founder of Renovatio, one of Australia’s fastest-growing health and wellness brands specialising in anti-inflammatory relief. At the core (boom-tish!) of his operations are apples from Orange, NSW. Yes, apples from Orange. The highly respected antioxidant researcher, food scientist… Read more »

Leela Cosgrove on the First Act podcast
FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 26 Expert networker Leela Cosgrove went from Brisbane’s mean streets to Richard Branson’s island

Entrepreneurship may have seemed an unlikely choice for Leela Cosgrove, founder of business growth consulting firm, Strategic Anarchy. Growing up in Brisbane’s housing commission estates, Leela was surrounded by less-than-ideal circumstances. Fortunately, she had strong female role models – in the guise of her mother and grandmother – who led her to believe anything was… Read more »