Podcast: Kochie chats to Lisa Messenger

- January 25, 2017 < 1 MIN READ

Have you heard of entrepreneur and author Lisa Messenger who has creating a booming publishing company and much more?

Spend five minutes with David and listen to him chat to Lisa on his radio show Your Money & Your Life. Don’t forget to catch David live on Saturday’s from 2pm to 3pm on 2UE on Your Money & Your Life and from Thursday 2nd February 2017 on 2UE with his new radio show Business Builders.

“once you become fearless life becomes limitless”

Read our 30 second snapshot or click below to listen in to their conversation!

Lisa Messenger speaks candidly about how to bloom in a ‘dying industry’ and why thinking outside the box can be the key to success.

Key take-outs and quotes from Lisa Messenger:

  • It is all about: “Being where the customers want us on the platform that they want us,”
  • To succeed: “Businesses need to focus on the overarching vision.”
  • Create a unique view of your small business and ask yourself: “How in this industry I’m in can I do it differently?
  • Dare to be brave and think: “How can I buck the status quo?”

Click play to listen in!

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