Stephen Hunt FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 7 How Stephen Hunt went from dish pig to pub baron

Stephen Hunt knows a thing or two about the pub business. He began his journey as a humble dish pig and decades later is the proud owner of the Hunt Hospitality Group, where he employs over 300 people and turns over millions in revenue. If you live in NSW’s Hunter region no doubt you’ve been… Read more »

Melissa Wu First Act FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 6 Melissa Wu’s deep dive from Olympian to triple business threat

A four-time Olympian and three-time entrepreneur, diving sensation Melissa Wu is as busy in the pool as she is out of it. Juggling training and business is all in a day’s work for Melissa, who was thrust into the spotlight as a teenager when she scored a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games at the… Read more »

First Act Tim Duggan FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 5 Junkee Media’s Tim Duggan on the triumphs and trials of being a trendsetter

Tim Duggan has always been a person with his finger firmly on the pulse of the popular zeitgeist. But his ability to see what’s next is not some kind of crystal ball trickery. Rather it’s born from his boundless creativity, his sense of community and an unfaltering vision and belief in himself. He joins us… Read more »

amanda rose first act FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 4 What would Amanda Rose do? Meet Western Sydney’s #Bosslady with a can-do attitude

Amanda Rose is a force of nature. She’s a serial entrepreneur and a tireless champion of both women in business and her local stomping ground, Western Sydney. Amanda’s a #BossLady with a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude, and her outspokenness makes her a wonderful advocate for Australia’s female founders. She’s a passionate mentor and campaigner for… Read more »

Nexba’s Troy Douglas on the First Act podcast FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 3 Nexba’s Troy Douglas on becoming a global soda mogul with strong LGBT pride

On this week’s episode, Nexba co-founder Troy Douglas drops in to talk about building a leading Aussie brand with purpose.

first act - jodie fox shoes of prey FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 2 Jodie Fox on the build up and breakdown of a brand; the demise of Shoes of Prey

On this week’s episode, Shoes of Prey co-founder Jodie Fox drops in to chat all-things entrepreneurship and the making and breaking of her brand.

First Act Matty J revised First Act - Season 2 Episode 1 From Bachelor to baby daddy to boss: The rise and rise of Matty J

On this week’s First Act podcast, we chat to former Bachelor turned family man and successful entrepreneur, Matty J.

First Act 2022 feature FIRST ACT - SEASON TWO TRAILER First Act season two trailer: Hear the origin stories of Australia’s most inspiring business owners and personalities

Listen to the trailer for First Act, a Kochie’s Business Builders podcast hosted by journalists Cec Busby and Adam Bub.

FIRST ACT - EPISODE 5 Tyson Koh talks night-time culture, Keep Sydney Open and life after RAGE

In this episode of First Act, host Cec Busby gets up close and personal with the founder of Keep Sydney Open, Tyson Koh.

FIRST ACT - EPISODE 4 Usman Iftikhar talks failure, life as a migrpreneur, launching Catalysr and meeting Prince Harry

Usman Iftikhar is the co-founder of Catalysr, an accelerator program that assists refugees and migrapreneurs to achieve their startup dreams.

FIRST ACT - EPISODE 3 Lisa Messenger talks the making and breaking of her brand and the importance of risk and resilience

In this episode, Lisa chats with us about the making and breaking of her brand, why risk and resilience matter for entrepreneurs and how you can bounce back after setbacks.

FIRST ACT - EPISODE 2 Dean Foley talks entrepreneurship, the genesis of Barayamal and life post the air force

Foley gives us the nitty-gritty on life as an indigenous entrepreneur, explains what inspires him and why he recommends a stint in the armed forces to anyone uncertain of their career path.