Pete Ceglinksi, Seabin FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 19 The man behind the Seabin Project: Pete Ceglinski’s ingenious invention to save our oceans

Pete Ceglinski is a surfer, industrial designer and ‘eco-preneur’ whose game-changing invention, the Seabin, has captured millions of kilos of waste from our oceans. It’s a simple idea – a bin for the sea – yet its footprint is indelible. Since launching the business with a crowdfunding campaign, Pete and his team have taken Seabin… Read more »

Richard Kuipers on the First Act podcast FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 18 Family business dramas? Two Men and a Truck’s Richard Kuipers has survived it all

From his early days as a Dutch backpacker bartending in the ’70s gangster’s paradise of King’s Cross to growing his family business from a backyard caravan, Richard Kuipers is a man with stories to tell. At 75, he’s passionate about sharing what to do and what NOT to do when running a family business –… Read more »

Jane Cay on the First Act podcast FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 17 How Australian women’s fashion trailblazer Jane Cay made Birdsnest soar

Jane Cay is one of the most humble entrepreneurs you’ll meet. She also happens to be one of Australia’s leading fashion retailers and has grown her business from a small boutique store in country New South Wales, into an online empire with more than 150 staff. But retail was never the original plan for Jane.… Read more »

Michelle Fotheringham on the First Act podcast FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 16 How Michelle Fotheringham is saving ‘corporate escapees’ from the daily grind

People, culture and organisations are Michelle Fotheringham’s bread and butter. As the founder of Werkling – an on-demand talent platform – Michelle spends her day-to-day immersed in helping businesses assemble their dream teams. But it wasn’t always the case. Michelle is a self-described corporate escapee who took the plunge into startup land during the pandemic,… Read more »

Jax Garrett on the First Act podcast FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 15 Why Jax Garrett is becoming ‘the Kris Jenner of the gaming world’

Jax Garrett puts the ‘game’ into ‘game-changer’. In 2018, the Newcastle-based entrepreneur founded GGWP Academy, an eLearning and Influencer marketplace platform to help gamers globally become full-timer creators and connect with sponsors. Jax has skin in the game – she’s a gamer herself and her son competed in a Pokemon tournament in the US when… Read more »

Jaimie Fuller on the First Act podcast FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 14 How Skins founder Jaimie Fuller took on doping, homophobia and corruption in sport

Jaimie Fuller always loved sports so it seems inevitable that he would one day find his place at the helm of a sporting company. His passion led him to become an outspoken advocate; championing fairness, equality and justice in the games he loved. Taking a stand is just part of who he is and even… Read more »

Sharon Williams on the First Act podcast FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 13 Marketing expert, cancer survivor, ‘no bull’ motivator: The wisdom of Sharon Williams

Sharon Williams is a marketing maverick and PR maven. While other agencies were still wrapping their heads around personal branding and business strategy, Sharon was coming up with her own trademarked formula – the Taurus Bullseye – which has led countless businesses and corporations to success. She’s managed to do all this while being a… Read more »

Cookie FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 12 From his darkest moments,’s Luke Cook has created a movement of vulnerability

Luke ‘Cookie’ Cook is on a mission to change how we see and speak about mental health. Since launching his business during the pandemic, Cookie has put conversations about mental health and wellbeing on the national agenda. His daily discussions with movers and shakers in the wellness space have delivered a dose of optimism… Read more »

tom willis first act FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 11 How Tom Willis became a small business marketing guru

He may be the co-founder of one of Australia’s most successful legal startups, but Tom Willis’s driving purpose is to help businesses be seen. Marketing is his raison d’être and he’s spent over a decade at the forefront of the digital marketing space. As General Assembly’s go-to lecturer for all things marketing, he’s taught thousands… Read more »

Anaita Sarkar on the First Act podcast FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 10 Anaita Sarkar’s secrets to a booming green business and TikTok fame

Anaita Sarkar knows how to back herself. The serial entrepreneur left behind a career in marketing to found her first brand, Olivia & Co, despite having no experience in fashion or small business. Several years later, horrified by the amount of waste her products were contributing to the planet, Anaita switched tack again to create… Read more »

Naomi Simson First Act FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 9 How Naomi Simson and RedBalloon took flight

TV viewers may remember her as the red-jacketed judge on Shark Tank. But long before she landed on TV screens, crushing or uplifting the dreams of the nation’s entrepreneurs, Naomi Simson founded online success story, RedBalloon. From humble beginnings in Naomi’s Balmain backyard, RedBalloon has grown to become a multimillion-dollar enterprise and is just one… Read more »

Roxy Jacenko First Act FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 8 Roxy Jacenko on why every day’s a bitch!

#nofilter should actually be synonymous with Roxy Jacenko – the PR maven, entrepreneur and influencer is always unabashedly herself. In a world of pretenders, Roxy is the real deal. From founding one of Australia’s most innovative PR agencies to pioneering the influencer movement with the Ministry of Talent, to starring in her own reality TV… Read more »