Sonia Majkic on First Act FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 31 Sonia Majkic started her first business at the age of 12. Now, her $25 million business is booming

Over the past five years, Sonia Majkic has made $25 million with her Australia-wide digital marketing company, 3 Phase Marketing. She’s been named on AFR’s Fast 100 List and won numerous accolades for her work helping businesses of all sizes grow and prosper. But Sonia didn’t have money growing up. Immigrating from Serbia to Australia… Read more »

Catherine Velisha on the First Act podcast FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 30 Living the green life: Catherine Velisha’s journey from fruit picker to packer to managing director

Catherine Velisha is passionate about all things fruit and veg, but that wasn’t always the case. It was never her intention to run the family business, Velisha Farms. Yet since taking on the role of managing director, Catherine has taken the family’s market farm to new heights. In a male-dominated industry, she is a force… Read more »

Man of Many co-founder Frank Arthur on First Act FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 29 From side hustle to media success: How Man of Many’s Frank Arthur found a niche that took off

Like many great entrepreneurs, Man of Many’s Frank Arthur has two driving forces that kicked off his early career: a major passion and a job at Macca’s. The passion was for product design – which would later become his bread and butter. But not without some surprising career moves along the way … Born in… Read more »

Natassia Nicolao on First Act podcast FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 28 How a skincare obsessive used science to build a beauty brand that’s better for the planet

Natassia Nicolao is on a mission to save the beauty industry from water waste. As the founder of Conserving Beauty, she has developed a range of waterless beauty products that are a real game changer for the sector. When you consider two-thirds of the global population will live with water restrictions by 2035 and that… Read more »

Dr Vincent Candrawinata on First Act FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 27 From food labs to the aisles of Woolies: Dr Vincent’s apple innovation is changing lives

Does an apple a day keep the doctor away? Dr Vincent Candrawinata knows the answer. He’s the founder of Renovatio, one of Australia’s fastest-growing health and wellness brands specialising in anti-inflammatory relief. At the core (boom-tish!) of his operations are apples from Orange, NSW. Yes, apples from Orange. The highly respected antioxidant researcher, food scientist… Read more »

Leela Cosgrove on the First Act podcast FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 26 Expert networker Leela Cosgrove went from Brisbane’s mean streets to Richard Branson’s island

Entrepreneurship may have seemed an unlikely choice for Leela Cosgrove, founder of business growth consulting firm, Strategic Anarchy. Growing up in Brisbane’s housing commission estates, Leela was surrounded by less-than-ideal circumstances. Fortunately, she had strong female role models – in the guise of her mother and grandmother – who led her to believe anything was… Read more »

Chef Dan Churchill on the First Act podcast FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 25 Celebrity chef Dan Churchill: The Aussie who’s changing how New Yorkers eat breakfast

He’s the Aussie chef who’s made it in the US, popping up on shows like Good Morning America and The Drew Barrymore Show. And every day, he’s serving up Aussie breakfasts and coffees to discerning New Yorkers at his impact-driven restaurant in Nolita, New York: Charley Street. But we first met Dan Churchill on season… Read more »

Thankyou founder Daniel Flynn on the First Act podcast FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 24 How Daniel Flynn made social impact easy for everyday Aussies with Thankyou

Daniel Flynn is an eco-warrior. As the managing director and co-founder of Thankyou, Daniel and his team are flipping consumerism on its head to deliver meaningful change. In a world where brands often pay lip service to social impact, Thankyou is the real deal. Since launching Thankyou in 2008, the brand has grown from selling… Read more »

FIRST ACT PODCAST Marion Grasby FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 23 How Marion Grasby cooked up a global food empire loved by millions

Cook, media publisher and entrepreneur, Marion Grasby wears a lot of hats. As one of Masterchef Australia’s favourite contestants, Marion quickly won the hearts of Aussie viewers with her Thai-Aussie flavour fusions. Although she missed out on the crown, Marion quickly parlayed her fame into a cook book deal before launching her brand, Marion’s Kitchen.… Read more »

Mad Paws founder Justus Hammer on the First Act podcast FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 22 What do pet owners want? Justus Hammer has figured it out with Mad Paws

If you’re mad about pets, you’ll be mad for our next guest … Justus Hammer. Justus is the founder of Mad Paws, Australia’s largest online pet care platform. Dubbed ‘Airbnb for pets’, Mad Paws matches pets with trusted pet sitters. It’s a fabulous alternative to traditional kennels and has proved a massive success. But Mad… Read more »

Sarah Cordiner on First Act FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 21 Sarah Cordiner was the first woman in her family to get a higher education. Now she’s a global edupreneur.

Sarah Cordiner’s used to breaking boundaries. As the first woman in her family to get a higher education, Sarah bucked convention from the start. Education is her passion and it drives her purpose. As one of the world’s leading edupreneurs, Sarah has helped thousands of small business owners use their expertise to create new revenue… Read more »

Simon Cohen on First Act podcast FIRST ACT SEASON 2 - EPISODE 20 How Luxe Listings’ Simon Cohen has nailed the art of negotiation in high-end real estate

Simon Cohen knows a thing or two about the lifestyles of the rich and famous. As the founder of Cohen Handler – Australia’s number one buyers’ agency – his job is to find the ultra-rich the most extra homes. He’s gone from starting a business with just $5,000 in his bank account to becoming the… Read more »