PM Scott Morrison addresses parliament on coronavirus crisis

- March 23, 2020 2 MIN READ
scott morrison

As the nation moves closer towards full lockdown, the prime minister has addressed parliament, calling for Australians to be resilient.

“We gather today at a time of great challenge for our nation and indeed the world. We are a strong nation and a strong people but in the months ahead this will put us all to the test. At no time like this, since World War II. But together, Australia, we are up to this challenge.

Morrison said as the virus continues to sweep the world it will change how we live but we should not allow it to change us.

“But we must not allow it to change who we are as Australians. I know – we all know – that Australians are very concerned at this difficult time. It is the understandable fear of the unknown and there is much that is not known about the coronavirus, but we must not let that fear overtake us. We must focus instead on what we do know, what we can control.” Morrison said.

“We know who we are as a people. And the legacy and inspiration that has been given to us from those who have come before us and shown us the way through challenges and tests just like this. So, we summon the spirit of the Anzacs, of our great Depression generation, of those who built the Snowy, of those who won the great peace of World War II and defended Australia. That is our legacy that we draw on at this time.

He urged Australians to maintain social distancing and ensure everyone looked after each other.

“We also know the actions that we can take. The care, compassion and respect we must show from one to another. While some must self-isolate – and they must – and we all must keep a healthy social distance between us, it is important that we do all we can to ensure in the difficult months ahead that no Australian goes through this alone.”

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