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How to take great photos of your small business

- June 13, 2017 6 MIN READ

We love hearing about incredible small businesses and we love being able to support and feature amazing businesses every day here on KBB.

If you’ve ever wondered why it is important to great some great images take of your products or you at work in your small business, then we have put together a useful gallery to help you pinpoint how to take a great photo.

The best part is you no longer have to hire a professional to take photos of you. It doesn’t need to cost anything at all. Simply enlist a friend, family member or colleague who has a smart phone and likes taking photos.

Put aside 30 minutes to an hour to get a selection of images. These should be:

  • A headshot of you. A headshot is a clear, flattering photo which is taken from the ‘shoulders up’.
  • A headshot of everyone who is in your small business.
  • A ‘full body’ photo of you if you are in an active small business. Show yourself at work and ‘on the job’.
  • A group photo of everyone in your small business.
  • A few images of you with your business partner (if you have one).
  • A selection of photos of you and other key staff members ‘on the job’ in your small business.
  • A selection of images of your products or you delivering your product or in action creating it in your small business.
  • If possible one natural photo taken with natural light (outside) and another option taken inside with a plain background (if in doubt stick with white).
  • To help you out, here are some image guidelines which are a good idea to follow to ensure you get the best possible coverage. Remember, the better the images, the more coverage you will get. Without great images it is almost impossible to get that all-important social media coverage.

Here are some examples to help you.

Stand alone images

Lisa Messenger from Collective Hub

Why is this a great image?: It is a natural, colourful and friendly shot with a plain white background so you only look at the person (not at what is happening behind them).

Using a splash of colour

Libby Koch from Kochie’s Business Builders

Why is this a great image?: The unique orange designer chair creates a fantastic background for a ‘sit down’ photo. Make-up and hair is flattering and Libby’s white top is crisp and the perfect ‘smart casual’.

Using a unique background

Personal trainer, yoga coach and health journalist Cassie White.

Why is this a great image?: It shows Cassie in her workout gear and has a stylish background which still doesn’t draw your eye away from her smiling face.

Going professional

Designer Viktoria Novak

Why is this a great image?: Beautifully shot, this is a professional image showcasing Viktoria’s stunning millinery and and accessories. The background colours are subdued so you focus on what she is trying to showcase (who she is and her beautiful wares).

Branding shot

Jennifer Jones from Jones & Co.

Why is this a great image?: It shows Jen at work in her small business. When it comes to branding it is tempting to have photos taken with your brand everywhere but most publications will not run these and your customers may be put off. Instead, stick with simple and friendly images which show you ‘on the job’.

Note: we do not accept images that are explicitly branded. 

Duo images

Alisa and Lysandra Fraser from Alisa and Lysandra Interiors

Why is this a great image?: For our ‘dynamic duo’ articles we always need photos of whoever is in small business together. While it is great to also have photos of you on your own, it is very important to have a selection of great images on hand of the two of you together in different scenarios. More options is always best! A handful of selections is ideal in different outfits (some colourful and some neutral).

Keep it natural

ZenNow co-founders Melissa Rohlfs and Matthew Doyle.

Why is this a great image?: Great smiles show people who are happy in small business and working together. You don’t need to be a super model but you do need to choose flattering clothing (stick with block colours as they both have rather than patterns or clothing that may date quickly). Very natural or flattering makeup for women is great. It is fine to wear no make up if you normally choose not to in your small business. However, ensure your hair is out of your face so you can clearly see your smiling face. It is a good idea to er slightly on the conservative side (unless your small business is a little different and it is important to showcase your personality through these images).

Show some personality & style

Rose Gallo and Marcia Cipri launched The Gift Concierge Co.

Why is this a great image?: Without using any words this image shows two people who are sympatico who are working well together in their small business. They look stylish and happy at work.

Action image showing you ‘on the job’

Founder Lucy Cook from Amaze Early Education & Active Centres

Why is this a great image?: This shows Lucy at work in her early education centre having fun (and on the same ‘level) as the the kids at her centre. The block colours are a great choice as the plain ruby coloured dress she is wearing is appropriate for her working environment, yet, still looks fun.

How to showcase your product

Brad Munro, Founder of Willi Footwear.

Why is this a great image?: This has the two guys who went into partnership together at the beach and showcasing their unique thongs. As these thongs are different to the normal kinds, it is ok to show them in this image (although it there were branded bands in the back that would be a strictly paid advertising only image and not unpaid coverage which is referred to as editorial).

Have your cake and eat it

Claudia Abrahams from SydneySmashCakes

Why is this a great image?: Claudia is proudly showing off her enticing sweet treats. This image has the creator and small business owner as well as two samples of her wares. This is a great editorial image as it shows her in her working environment and showcasing her products or services in a fun way.

Great product shots

Sydney Smash Cakes enticing us organically with their unique ‘cakes’

How to showcase your products 

Cute kids clothes from Eeni meeni miini moh

Other potential images

Get creative and create a great image integrating your product if you can. Can’t afford a designer? Try experimenting on Canva. It is free and easy!

Additional images (if you have them)

Bethel Farm showing life on the farm – cute animals always help!

Don’t forget

  • Please ensure that the images are coloured (not black and white)
  • Images need to be clear and the focus on whoever (or whatever) the article is about
  • Images should ideally be high-res 660 x 450 pixels (17.5 x 11.9 cm or 6.88 x 4.69 inches).
  • For Business Builders, we require at least three good landscape (when the image is wider than it is tall) images per contribution.
  • It is really important to have these images ready and easily accessible for everyone in your small business. Keep them on a shared folder and always keep a backup on a USB stick.
  • With many publications having to cut back budgets you will be expected to be able to send through hi-res colour images at a moments notice. This may very well be the difference between scoring the cover or your local newspaper if you get picked up for coverage or being allocated to a small section at the back (or being dropped completely).
  • It is also a good idea to take photos if you are having a special event. Use these on your social media and on your website to give customers a great insight into your small business.

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