People are the problem warns cyber expert

- September 16, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

The biggest risk to your business’s cybersecurity is your staff, according to KPMG cybersecurity expert, Stan Gallo.

“Cyberattacks, data breaches and security are not simply IT problems.  They are a people problem – and HR is at the centre of it,” says Gallo.

Gallo, a partner at KPMG Forensic says while security controls play a significant role in safeguarding businesses from data breach and cyberattack, IT departments need to look beyond response and resolution.

A recent report by leading cybersecurity provider Trend Micro found Australian businesses encountered for more than a quarter of global Business Email Compromise (BEC)  attempts (27.2 per cent) and a 77 per cent increase in overall ransomware detection.

There were 9.2 million malware detections in the first half of 2019, alone.

“Successful cybersecurity regimes are those that combine the critical factors of people, process and technology,” says Gallo.

“There is a reason that people are at the front.  This ‘Human Firewall’ is a critical strength and a significant weakness that criminal elements are quick to exploit.”



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