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- December 8, 2019 2 MIN READ

“Peer Wealth was originally a one-man show started by our father Doug in Forster NSW. His drive was to genuinely help people, families, businesses and friends take control over their financial decisions,” says Elle Atkinson of the family business.

Over time what began as an accounting practice has evolved into so much more as Elle’s two oldest brothers joined the business, opening a new practice in Manly and their mother and youngest brother also joined the company.

“Peer Wealth changed from being an accounting business to a community,” Elle explains. “Our focus was to build personal relationships that are centred around family core values, to allow for mutual trust, honesty and respect with our clients.”

As the business grew over the years, so did the success of its clients. Elle says the family is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise to allow their clients to make more educated decisions about the finances.

“As a family, we wanted to use our history and expertise to create a platform that is meaningful, makes a difference in people’s lives and ultimately help individuals, families and businesses achieve their personal and financial goals. It was and still is about getting to know our client’s life stories and goals and allowing them the opportunity to achieve them,” she says.

In order to do this the Atkinson’s have set up several arms to their business to be able to manage every element of a client’s finances under one roof.

“We analysed the key attributes that contribute to making one financially successful and designed a platform that allows clients to manage these key factors in an integrated approach. This gradually formed what is now Peer Wealth’s seven arms; Tax & Accounting, Mortgage Broking, Wealth Management, SMSF, Insurance, Business Consulting and Auditing. This combined with the focus to build personal relationships that are centred around family core values allows us to understand the client’s personal stories and create the most impact.

With so many years of experience, Peer Wealth have become trusted advisers. Elle suggests this, coupled with the family’s expertise across a myriad of financial areas is what makes Peer Wealth stand out from its competitors.

“Imagine going to one place where you have access to industry-leading experts in all areas of wealth, who are connected as a united team to understand your unique story and life goals and provide you with the support, strategies and knowledge to guide you to achieve them. That is what Peer Wealth is,” she says.

Elle believes being a part of a family-run business has its advantages.

“Working in an environment where everyone treats each other with mutual respect and has the confidence to speak openly and truthfully helps you to grow, learn and support each other as individuals and as a team.

“However, the sense of family doesn’t just stop with the management, our entire business is centred around the core values of a family. The way we operate internally, and the way Peer Wealth interacts with their clients is centred on eight core values that we believe reflect a united family; trust, honesty, respect, supportive, reliable, personal, passionate and accountable.”

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