Passion and purpose are driving these small business success stories

- September 6, 2019 2 MIN READ

Ignited by passion, small businesses all over Australia are solving problems and delivering answers to issues that impact people and the planet.

These exciting entrepreneurs are changing how we shop, how we drink and how we champion inclusion on a daily basis. Be inspired by their stories and challenge how you do business.

The business that champions inclusion

“We want to inspire women to live healthy and active lives by producing high-quality activewear for all women, regardless of their shape, size or stage of life,” says Stevie Angel, Co-Founder of Active Truth.

An online activewear company that caters to, and celebrates, all women regardless of their shape, size or stage of life, Active Truth has garnered a loyal following. Forget waif-thin nymphs, the women in Active Truth’s campaigns come from all walks of life – with no photoshopping required!

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The business that promotes ethical retailing

“We see the environment changing, our seas becoming more polluted, animal species becoming extinct, and climate change becoming a real issue. This is the inspiration behind our business,” says Julie Mathers, Founder and CEO of Flora & Fauna.

In 2014, Flora & Fauna founder a passionate vegan, started her business with one clear mission: to be the most ethical retailer possible with the best customer service. Today, the online store sells over 6000 products across organic and vegan skincare, make-up, body, home and lifestyle ranges.

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The business that sharpens entrepreneurs’ minds

“In today’s highly competitive and stressful world, your mind is your tool to success. We no longer need to be physically ready to hunt a woolly mammoth or defend our families from saber-toothed tigers, these are not the problems we face anymore. Remembering names and places, speaking fluently, multi-tasking, strategic thinking and decision making… these are the skills we need today to survive and get ahead,” says Shine co-founder Steve Chapman.

Shine is a nootropic drink that enhances mental performance, memory recall or learning capabilities with no adverse side effects. It’s an upgrade for your mind. It was scientifically formulated with highly functional and evidence-based ingredients designed for optimal brain function and health.

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The business that captures the spirit of Australia

The inclusion of marine botanicals and Australian natives in our product celebrates the uniqueness of these ingredients and showcases what Australian spirits are all about,” says Vanessa Wilton, co-founder and marketing manager of Manly Spirits.

 Husband and wife duo, David and Vanessa Wilton were inspired by the successful craft beer scene to provide a handcrafted artisan product for the local and international spirit market. Manly Spirits Co produces Australian handcrafted gins, vodka and whiskies. The distillery vision is to provide a premium product inspired by the stunning surrounds of the New South Wales coastline.

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