Why having .com.au as your online identity matters

Why having .com.au as your online identity matters

When it comes to choosing a domain name, using .com.au should be the obvious choice for Australian businesses – including those with international aspirations. The .au domain extensions .com.au, .org.au and .net.au, act as your unique local identities in the digital world – and with a thirty-year history, it’s more relevant than ever to both local and overseas customers today.

Why an Aussie online identity matters
Unlike other country level domain-name extensions, .au domains are only available to Australian organisations, with rigorous checks required to ensure that potential owners are in fact based here and registered with an Australia Business Number. That automatically establishes credibility among local customers: two in every three Australians are more likely to trust a website that ends in .au because they know they’re engaging with a local business. GoDaddy’s latest research supports this, with only 19% of respondents thinking they need to go overseas for a business idea to succeed.

Opting for .com.au and other .au domains can boost appeal to more than just locals. These domains also hold a strong influence amongst overseas consumers, particularly in markets like China and Japan where Australian products are held in especially high regard. Having a .com.au domain tells these consumers more than just your business’ place of operation: it also alludes to the quality of products and customer service that they can expect to receive.

Two in every three Aussies are more likely to trust a website that is .au

Using .au to your business’ advantage
Small businesses should build on the inherent strengths of their local domain names to more effectively target the customers they want to reach. As 67% of Australians noticed, tech has made it easier to become an entrepreneur.

.com.au domains offer strong SEO benefits: a .com.au site will typically rank higher in Australian search results than those with other domain extensions. Businesses should take advantage of this when optimising their on-site SEO: those with brick and mortar stores, like F&B or retail outlets, should first target potential customers searching their local city or suburb. Those people are then more likely to find your business easily online and far more likely to respond to a .com.au site than one which doesn’t announce itself as an Australian business at the start.

Recent regulatory changes have also opened up a range of new domain-name extensions to Australian businesses, including city-specific ones like .sydney and .melbourne. If you conduct business on an extremely local level – particularly in areas like tourism or hospitality – consider buying one of those domains, then redirecting traffic from it to your business’ main .com.au site.

For the past thirty years, .au has helped Australian enterprises build stand-out digital presences. Yet despite – or because of – business becoming increasingly global, its relevance as a symbol of Australian-owned quality has endured amongst local and international consumers alike. For Australian businesses, the advantages of a .AU domain name are plenty – and only a few clicks away.

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  1. I currently have a .com domain name and website http://www.southsuburbanlawnmowing.com and deal with a UK based company for this. I really want to come back to home ground with a local website hosting company and a .au domain name.
    I feel that the full business name as the website address is too long, what are your thoughts?
    I also want to widen my business field into IT and thought the one website, such as southsuburban.com.au could include links to my lawn mowing business (current) and my IT business (near future)
    any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    • Hi Geoff, great to hear from you. Just wanted to let you know of a new regular section that we have started called ‘Ask the KBB expert’. We regularly check with our small business experts here at Kochie’s Business Builders who offer up the best insider information available for both you and your small business. Would you be interested in participating? The only thing is that you would have to provide us with some hi-res images and a blurb about your small business. Here is an example: https://www.kochiesbusinessbuilders.com.au/fashionsmallbiz/. Let us know if you are interested.

      In the meantime, have you signed up to our latest competition? You can go in the running to win $60,000 worth of small business support and even lunch with David Koch! Here is the link: https://www.kochiesbusinessbuilders.com.au/win60000ofsupport/


  2. I am interested in “Ask the KBB expert” to ask about how I can franchise my business or use another model to allow access to my business overseas. I already have interest from one source but have no idea how to start the whole process.

  3. Tara, your opening sentence is spot on!

    “When it comes to choosing a domain name, using .com.au should be the obvious choice for Australian businesses – including those with international aspirations.”

    Of the approximate 3,100,000 .au domains in Australia, com.au is king with around 88% of all registrations.


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