New reward program employs blockchain technology

- July 10, 2018 < 1 MIN READ

A new customer loyalty program is harnessing the power of blockchain to deliver customer rewards across over 300 popular online retailers including Scoopon, and Europcar.

Developed in Sydney by BitScan founder Rob Wilson and Workbench CEO Jins Kaduthodil, IncentLoyalty aims to take on the big guns of Everyday Rewards and Flybuys to deliver a universal reward program that has no expiration date and provides the freedom to spend your rewards as you please.

The revolutionary blockchain-based program, has been created to make loyalty more rewarding.

Shoppers can sign up for free to earn between 0.5% and 20% of the purchase price on every purchase they make and receive rewards as INCNT – a globally traded cryptocurrency which offers a real dollar value.

Currently, the reward system is limited to online retailers but the program will be rolling out to bricks and mortar stores in August.

Wilson and Kaduthodil suggest that based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics data on household expenditure, the average consumer could earn approximately $421 worth of INCNT each year. The more online activities, such as shopping, browsing the internet, the more you can earn.


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